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Main title screen for the game collection.

Donkey Kong Jr. + Jr. Sansū Lesson (ドンキーコングJR.+JR.算数レッスン, Donkey Kong Jr. + Jr. Math Lesson in Japan) is a game collection developed by Nintendo and released by Sharp Corporation[1] exclusively in Japan in September 1983 for the Sharp C1 Famicom TV[2], a combination of television and Family Computer. The collection includes two games, Donkey Kong Jr. and an earlier version of Donkey Kong Jr. Math.

Differences between the Collection and Single Game Releases[]

Donkey Kong Jr.[]

  • In the collection, the stages 2 and 3 were removed.
  • There is no longer a cutscene after beating the stage 4, where Donkey Kong Jr. catches the falling cage of Donkey Kong Sr. and both of them leap away, leaving the screen.
  • The difficult setting B mode (expert) is the only one available by default.

Donkey Kong Jr. Math[]

Considering how the single game version still was in development before it been scheduled to be released in December 1983, there are a few differences between both versions:

  • In Japan, the game Donkey Kong Jr. Math was initially called Donkey Kong Jr. Math Lesson (ドンキーコングJR.算数レッスン, Donkī Kongu JR. Sansū Ressun). The single game version was later renamed as Donkey Kong Jr.'s Math Play (ドンキーコングJR.の算数遊び, Donkī Kongu JR. no Sansū Asobi).
  • The format of the screen where the math question is asked to the player is different.
  • There is no in-game explanation for Donkey Kong Sr. been caged. After the main stages are cleared once, there is no cutscene showing the primate being released either.
  • Nitpickers do not appear for dropping eggs when the math answers are correct. And apples are dropped instead of eggs.
  • The time for clearing math problems is relevant to the player's score.