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Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
DKC3 Cover
North American boxart of the game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! for SNES.
Developer(s) Rareware
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Main Development Staff Director:
Tim Stamper[1]

Andrew Collard

Andrew Collard
Paul Weaver

Mark Wilson

Mark Stevenson
Neil Crook

David Wise
Eveline Fischer[2]
Platform(s) Super Family Computer/Super Nintendo Entertainment System,
Game Boy Advance,
Nintendo Wii,
Nintendo Wii U,
Nintendo 3DS,
Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s) Super Famicom/Super NES
USA November 18, 1996
Japan November 23, 1996
Europe December 13, 1996

Game Boy Advance
Europe November 4, 2005
USA November 7, 2005
Japan December 1, 2005

Nintendo Wii Virtual Console (SFC/SNES version)
USA December 24, 2007
Europe December 25, 2007
Australia December 25, 2007
Japan October 21, 2008

Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console (SFC/SNES version)
Japan November 26, 2014
Europe October 30, 2014
USA February 26, 2015

Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console (SFC/SNES version)
Japan May 9, 2016
USA June 2, 2016
Europe June 2, 2016

Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Online[3] (SFC/SNES version)
Worldwide December 18, 2020
Genre(s) Platformer
Ratings ESRB: ESRB K-A Kids to Adults
Mode(s) Single player,
Multiplayer (2)
Media(s) SFC/SNES ROM Cartridge[4],
GBA ROM Cartridge,
Downloadable Media (Nintendo eShop[5])
Input(s) SFC/SNES Controller,
GBA Buttons

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (スーパードンキーコング3 謎のクレミス島, Super Donkey Kong 3: Mysterious Kremis Island in Japan) is a platformer game developed by Rareware and released by Nintendo for the Super Family Computer/Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1996. It is the third game in the Donkey Kong Country game series and a sequel to the game Donkey Kong Country 2. The game stars Dixie Kong and her co-star[6] little cousin Kiddy Kong, as they travel through the numerous lands of the Northern Kremisphere in order to search for the missing Donkey and Diddy Kong, and face the Kremling Krew who now take orders from their new leader, KAOS.

Donkey Kong Country 3, as with the previous two Donkey Kong Country games, had a follow-up game for the Game Boy called Donkey Kong Land III.

The game was remade by Rare, being called just Donkey Kong Country 3 (スーパードンキーコング3, Super Donkey Kong 3 in Japan), and released for the Game Boy Advance in 2005. This version contains new features, most noticeably a new world with seven stages and an all-new soundtrack designed for the portable sound system.

The SFC/SNES version of the game was re-released via the Virtual Console for the Nintendo Wii in North America on December 24, 2007, in Europe and Australia on December 25, 2007, and in Japan on October 21, 2008. However, the service was discontinued on the Wii in January 2019.

The same game version was re-released on the Nintendo Wii U through the Virtual Console in Japan on November 26, 2014, in Europe on October 30, 2014, and in North America on February 26, 2015. The SFC/SNES version was also re-released on the Virtual Console for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on May 9, 2016, and in North American and Europe on June 2, 2016.

The SFC/SNES version of Donkey Kong Country 3 was re-released again on the Nintendo Switch exclusively via the online subscription service Nintendo Switch Online[3] worldwide on December 18, 2020.

It would be over a decade, however, until the game Donkey Kong Country 3 would get a full-fledged sequel in 2010 called Donkey Kong Country Returns.


Months after the Kongs' second (or fourth if including the Donkey Kong Land games) triumph over the Kremling Krew, they continue to celebrate. One day, DK and Diddy suddenly disappear, and a letter from Diddy says they were out exploring the island again.

However, several days pass without their return, and Dixie knows something is up. She takes matters into her own hands and made her way to the southern shores of Donkey Kong Island, to the Northern Kremisphere, a Canadian and northern European-inspired landmass. There she meets Wrinkly Kong, and Wrinkly confirmed that the Kongs had passed by. Dixie then makes her way to Funky's Rentals. Funky suggests her to take her baby cousin Kiddy Kong along with her in the search. Funky lends them a boat and the two venture off to find Donkey and Diddy Kong.

During their travels, Dixie and Kiddy encounter different Kremlings than before. At the end of Mekanos, the Kongs first encounter KAOS, who was believed to be the new leader of the Kremling Krew at the time. Later during their adventure, Dixie and Kiddy encounter KAOS again at Kastle KAOS, which is at the end of KAOS Kore. During the battle, it is revealed that KAOS was a puppet of Baron K. Roolenstein all along. After defeating Baron K. Roolenstein, KAOS breaks down and releases Donkey Kong and Diddy. It is revealed that they were trapped to be used as a power source.

Later on. the Kongs eventually discover the lost world, Krematoa, where they meet the local Brother Bear, Boomer. Dixie and Kiddy must recover the five cogs found in each level of Krematoa and return them to Boomer's Bomb Shelter. Boomer inserts them on a machine, which causes the Knautilus to rise from the center lake. Dixie and Kiddy enter it and engage in a second boss fight against Baron K. Roolenstein. The Kongs defeat him again, but Baron K. Roolenstein manages to escape again.

After acquiring every DK Coin, the Kongs return to Funky's Rentals, and he builds the Gyrocopter for them. With the Gyrocopter, the Kongs can access the remaining few secret caves to the last of the Banana Birds. After freeing every Banana Bird, they carry the Kongs up in the sky to the Banana Queen. All of the Banana Birds sing to destroy the evil barrier that imprisoned the Banana Queen. Dixie and Kiddy's adventure ends with the Banana Queen chasing after Baron K. Roolenstein and dropping a large eggshell on him the end.


DKC3-pipeline -artwork

Artwork of Kiddy and Dixie Kong riding on a Toboggan through a pipeline stage while being pursued by enemies.

Gameplay combines elements from Donkey Kong Country and its sequel, Donkey Kong Country 2. As with the previous two games, the gameplay has a "tag team" system with two Kongs, Dixie Kong, who returns from Donkey Kong Country 2 as the main character in this game, and the new co-star Kiddy Kong.

The main goal of the game is to get from the start of each stage to the end of it, where the Kongs must raise the respective Stage Flag. The Kongs must progress through numerous worlds, which can be entered from the overworld map. Uncleared stages and worlds are indicated by a Krem Flag. Unlike Donkey Kong Island and Crocodile Isle from the two previous games, the Northern Kremisphere is a large world which the Kongs can freely explore with the help of Funky Kong's vehicles. Worlds can now be entered and left at any time, and the Kongs must not reach the save point in the current world until they have the ability to save their game. Instead, they can simply return to a Save Cave from another area. Also hidden on the overworld map are many Banana Bird Caves, which require the Kongs to beat a memory minigame in order for them to free a Banana Bird.

Additionally, spread across the Northern Kremisphere are the different residences of the Brothers Bear, which will help the Kongs along their journey with items or with useful information.

Various new additions to stage layouts are present. For example, the stage Demolition Drain-Pipe (pictured) requires the Kongs to ride on a kart through a large pipe line, and must jump over pits, enemies, and can latch onto the ceiling. The stage Ripsaw Rage has the Kongs racing to the top of the tree against a very large saw that slowly cuts down the tree below them. The stage Riverside Race is a timed stage where Kongs are chased by bees. Low-G Labyrinth stages are also pipe-related, and act as a water stage where the Kongs can walk on the floor (but move and falls slower and jump higher). The by far largest difference in stage design, compared to the game's predecessors, is the inclusion of water in non-underwater locations. Some of the environments now feature platforming and swimming in one stage. Although this concept was introduced in Donkey Kong Country 2, it was expanded upon to create more natural environments and give more space for creative stage design.

Most items return from Donkey Kong Country 2, however, the Steel Kegs are back from Donkey Kong Country. Star Barrels now have their sparkling effect again, and the Extra Life Balloons now resemble Dixie Kong's face.


Image Name Description Team-Up Moves
DixieDKC3 Dixie Kong Dixie Kong plays identically as she did in the previous game, possessing her signature ability to glide through the air with her Helicopter Spin. She controls similarly to her cousin Kiddy Kong, although her spin attack is not as fast as Kiddy's roll attack. Dixie holds barrels over her head, much like Donkey Kong. Dixie Kong, although only under great pressure, can carry Kiddy Kong, but she moves very slowly and her jump is very low when Kiddy is on Dixie's back. She can throw Kiddy at enemies to take them out, or throw him into the air, letting him smash weak parts of the floor. Additionally, she can throw him against a wall and jump on the rolling Kiddy to ride him like a Steel Keg.
KiddyDKC3 Kiddy Kong Kiddy Kong controls similar to Dixie in terms of agility. He possesses great strength similar to Donkey Kong, which gives him the ability to take out tougher Kremlings like Krumples, and is very agile. His roll attack is faster than Dixie's spin, and Kiddy is able to skip across water if the player presses the jump button when Kiddy hits the surface of the water with his roll attack. Kiddy holds barrels in front of him, much like Diddy Kong. Kiddy Kong can carry Dixie Kong with ease, and move relatively nimble while doing so, although his movement is still negatively impacted when carrying Dixie. He can throw Dixie upwards to reach higher areas and defeat enemies by chucking her at an enemy.


Kong Family[]

Image Name Description
Cranky Kong DKC3 GBA Cranky Kong Cranky Kong makes his third appearance in the Donkey Kong Country series as the rival in Swanky Kong's minigames in the SFC/SNES version. In the GBA version of the game, he runs his own dojo, Cranky's Dojo.
Funky Kong DKC3 sprite Funky Kong Funky Kong continues his transportation services by running Funky's Rentals, where the Kongs can use his vehicles to travel the Northern Kremisphere.
Swanky Kong DKC3 sprite Swanky Kong Swanky Kong returns from Donkey Kong Country 2, running mini-games yet again. Swanky runs his own Sideshow in the SFC/SNES version of the game, and Swanky's Dash in the GBA version.
Wrinkly Kong DKC3 sprite Wrinkly Kong Wrinkly Kong has two different roles depending on which version of Donkey Kong Country 3; in the SFC/SNES version, she ran her own Save Cave, where as the name suggests, saves the game, while in the GBA version, she cared for Banana Birds in her own Retreat.
Diddy and DK DKC3 Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong Donkey and Diddy Kong have the same role. During a fishing trip, they get captured and become a power source for KAOS. Dixie and Kiddy go on an adventure to save both of them.

Animal Buddies[]

While a few Animal Buddies make a return from the last game, there are also two newcomers, Ellie the Elephant and Parry the Parallel Bird. Quawks also plays much more different than in the previous game.

Image Name Description
Ellie DKC3 sprite Ellie the Elephant Ellie the Elephant acts as a replacement for Rambi the Rhinoceros, and she is also found in the very first stage. Ellie is not as strong as Rambi, and has an irrational fear of Sneeks, but she can suck barrels towards her via her trunk and absorb nearby water as a projectile.
EnguardeCountrySprite Enguarde the Swordfish Enguarde the Swordfish is completely unchanged from the previous two games, where his bill acts as a weapon against underwater foes. He also retains his chargeable attack from the previous Donkey Kong Country game.
Parry the Parallel Bird Parry the Parallel Bird Parry the Parallel Bird is a rare animal buddy that follows the Kongs from overhead. He flies parallel to them. Parry is usually used to get bonuses.
Squawks DKC2 sprite Squawks the Parrot Squawks the Parrot can shoot coconuts from his mouth as a projectile and can fly. He is often used against tougher foes like Buzzes.
Quawks DKC3 sprite Quawks the Parrot Quawks the Parrot is a rare purple sub-species of Squawks. He can fly like him, but cannot shoot coconuts. He can however carry barrels.
Squitter DKC2 sprite Squitter the Spider Squitter the Spider returns from Donkey Kong Country 2. He retains his unique web ability, which can be used as a projectile weapon or platform.

Brothers Bear[]

The Northern Kremisphere is home to the "Brothers Bear" group, a large family of bears that live in log cabins all over the land. They are friendly and often offer items and other services. They all have a unique personality as well.

Image Name Description
Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor, exclusively found in the GBA version of the game, is a large, sun glass-wearing member of the Brothers Bear who lives on the island in Lake Orangatanga where Barnacle resided in the SFC/SNES version.
Bazaar DKC3 sprite Bazaar Bazaar is the first member of the Brothers Bear that can be encountered in the game. He runs Bazaar's General Store near the first Wrinkly's Save Cave in the SFC/SNES version of the game or the Wrinkly's Retreat in the GBA version.
Barnacle DKC3 sprite Barnacle Barnacle is an old retired scuba diver, living on a small island in Lake Orangatanga in the SFC/SNES version of the game or Pacifica in the GBA version. He has a large collection of shells.
Brash DKC3 sprite Brash Brash is an athletic member of the Brothers Bear residing in a log cabin in the SFC/SNES version of Donkey Kong Country 3 or a stadium in the GBA version in the northwest corner of Kremwood Forest. He is a stereotypical athlete who holds a record of 1:15:00 in the stage Riverside Race.
Blunder DKC3 sprite Blunder Blunder is a member of the Brothers Bear who lives in a log cabin in the SFC/SNES version of the game or a library in the GBA version west of the Kremwood Forest in the overworld map of the Northern Kremisphere.
Blue DKC3 sprite Blue Blue is a lonely member of the Brothers Bear who lives in a beach hut in the world Cotton-Top Cove/Cotton Top Cove. He is upset that nobody visited him during his birthday party.
Bazooka DKC3 sprite Bazooka Bazooka is a retired war veteran who lives in a cabin in SFC/SNES version of Donkey Kong Country 3 or a bunker in the GBA version in the world Mekanos. He owns a cannon named Big Bessie, which does not function anymore because Bazooka has no ammo.
File Bramble DKC3 sprite Bramble Bramble is a botanist member of the Brothers Bear who lives in a cabin northeast of Cotton-Top Cove/Cotton Top Cove in the overworld map of the Northern Kremisphere. He claims to have once lived in Mekanos, but has moved out ever since the industrialization there, since it harms his plants.
Blizzard DKC3 sprite Blizzard Blizzard is a polar bear and a member of the Brothers Bear who enjoys hiking. His goal is to conquer K3 and he can be found in a cabin at northwest of the same world map.
Barter DKC3 alt Barter Barter is a member of the Brothers Bear who lives southwest of K3 in the overworld map of the Northern Kremisphere. He once got lent a No. 6 Wrench from Björn, but has since kept it to himself.
Benny DKC3 sprite Benny Benny is one of the two members of the Brothers Bear who lives in the world Razor Ridge. He operates the southern chairlifts, which Dixie and Kiddy Kong can use for free to cross over the central lake of the world.
Bjorn DKC3 sprite Björn Björn is the twin brother of Benny, and one of the two members of the Brothers Bear who lives in the world Razor Ridge. He operates the northern chairlifts, but they are dysfunctional by the time Dixie and Kiddy Kong visit him. Due to Barter having not returned the No. 6 Wrench to him yet, Björn cannot fix the chairlifts until he has the wrench back.
Baffle DKC3 sprite Baffle Baffle is a member of the Brothers Bear who is a talented bear at deciphering codes. He lives in a cabin in the world KAOS Kore, where he has problems solving a code.
Boomer DKC3 sprite Boomer Boomer is an outcast member of the Brothers Bear who resides in the lost world Krematoa. He specializes in explosives, and he will blast away giant rocks blocking the access to the regular stages of the same world, if the Kongs pay him enough Bonus Coins.


There is a large cast of enemies, many are unique while most replace old enemies from the previous two games.

Image Name Description
Bazuka sprite Bazukas Red Kremlings with a passion for blasting barrels out of their big cannons. Sometimes, the player can even change the types of barrels they shoot with a rare Switch Barrel.
Bazza sprite Bazzas A species of barracuda-like fish. They swim a set path in regular intervals.
BootyBirdCountry3 Booty Birds Large, puffed up birds which contain items inside of them. The items range from bananas to K-O-N-G letters. To nab the item from them, the Kongs must defeat it.
Bounty Bass sprite Bounty Basses Bulky underwater counterparts to Booty Birds. To obtain the item stored in their body, the Kongs must poke it with Enguarde's sharp bill.
Bristles sprite Bristles Hedgehogs which the Kongs should avoid jumping on. When they are not curled up into a spiky rolling hazard, the Kongs can defeat it by rolling into it from the front.
Buzz sprite green
Buzz sprite red
Buzzes Dangerous flying enemies, which the Kongs should avoid contact with. Both variants can be destroyed, but the red ones are invulnerable to most attacks like Ellie's water projectiles or barrels.
Buzz swarm Killer Bees This swarm of tiny red bees pursues the Kongs in the stage Riverside Race. The Kongs must progress through this location fast, otherwise this swarm will damage them.
Gleamin Bream sprite Gleamin' Breams A yellow sub-species of Bounty Basses, which emit a bright light if poked by Enguarde. They cannot be defeated.
Karbine sprite Karbines Small owl-like enemies who shoot fireballs from the background. They cannot be defeated.
Klasp sprite Klasps Kremlings hiding in TNT Barrels, hanging on ropes. They approach the Kongs with immense speed once they spot them on their rope. They will explode upon impact, so contact should be avoided.
Knik Knak sprite red
Knik Knak DKC3 yellow
Knik-Knaks Beetle enemies which come in two varieties. The red ones have wings to take off to the air, and the yellow ones can be picked up and thrown when jumped on.
Knocka sprite Knockas Kremlings hiding in green, painted barrels. They charge at the Kongs upon sight, and try to bump them into hazards/pits. They cannot damage the primates themselves, and they can be picked up and thrown after being jumped on.
Kobble sprite Kobbles Bulky green Kremlings which patrol a few areas of the Northern Kremisphere. A simple jump on their head or a roll attack is enough to take them out.
Koco sprite red
Koco sprite green
Kocos Small clownfish which either swim around or are stationary.
Koin sprite Koin A Kremling which appears in every regular stage except boss stages. It guards one DK Coin per location. Koin cannot damage the Kongs, but will bump them away if they get too near to him.
Koindozer sprite Koindozers Pink relatives of Koin, which attack instead of defend. Koindozers will try to push the Kongs into pits by ramming them with their shields. Landing on top of them is the safest option.
Kopter sprite Kopters A small Kremling which will try to harm the heroes by ramming into them from above. Luckily, they do not target the Kongs directly, but fly set routes.
Kracka sprite Krackas Krackas are the land counterparts to Klasps and explosive counterparts of Knockas. They come charging at the Kongs upon sight, and contact should be avoided, unless a jump on the head in planned. After being jumped on, it can be thrown. Luckily, they only appear in the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country 3.
Krimp sprite Krimps Krimps are quadrupedal small Kremlings, which can be easily defeated by a jump. When planning to defeat them with a roll attack, it must be performed from the back, since rolling into them from the front means getting bitten by their sharp teeth.
Krosshair sprite Kroc Kroc is an unseen enemy shooting fireballs at the Kongs from the foreground. The fireballs must be avoided by moving around a lot, so standing around unprotected is not a good idea.
Krumple sprite Krumples Krumples are very muscular Kremlings which only Kiddy Kong can take out by a jump on their head. Dixie Kong will be pushed away, if she attempts to jump on them.
Kuchuka sprite Kuchukas Kuchukas are purple Kremlings also hiding in purple barrels. They throw bombs out of their barrel in regular intervals, which all land on a set spot. How many they throw in one throw depends on the individual.
Kuff sprite Kuff 'n' Klout Kuff 'n' Klout are tyrannical twins which either hop around set paths or charge at the Kongs upon sight. It is unclear which attack they'll perform in which situation. They cannot be defeated by attacks from the Kongs, but by items thrown at them or an Animal Buddy.
Lemguin sprite Lemguins Lemguins are a dangerous cross between penguins and lemmings. They pop out of holes from the ground one after another, with the intention to damage the Kongs. A jump on their head defeats them - although that will not stop more Lemguins to emerge from the ground.
Lurchin sprite Lurchins Lurchins are spiked underwater foes which will damage the Kongs upon contact. They can only be defeated by Enguarde's sharp bill, but only when their soft, inner body part is exposed.
Minkey sprite Minkeys Minkeys are small monkeys out for defeating the Kongs. They cling onto sides of trees and try to chuck acorns at the Kongs in regular intervals. They often appear in groups and cannot be defeated.
Missile Shell DKC3 Missile Shells Missile Shells home in on the Kongs upon sight. With the right timing, the Kongs can use this to let the missile shells damage the Lurchins guarding the boss Barbos.
Nibbla sprite orange
Nibbla sprite
Nibblas Nibblas are carnivorous fishes which like to take a bite out of the Kongs if they should happen to fall into their territory. It is best to stay away from Nibblas at all costs. There is also a blue variant which usually does not snack on the Kongs, except when it is not fed for long enough. This fish must be guided to Kocos in order to feed it and keep it tamed.
Nid sprite yellow
Nid sprite pink
Nids Nids carry a small wooden board on their head, which the Kongs can stand on. Yellow Nids hop around all the time, while the pink variants only jump once a Kong stands on their wooden platforms. The Kongs can use Nids to reach higher platforms which would otherwise be unreachable. Although they are not enemies and cannot damage the Kongs themselves, these spiders can be obnoxious and bring the Kongs very close to other enemies.
Rekoil sprite Re-Koils Re-Koils are orange Kremlings which love to jump up and down using their springy tail. They can easily be defeated by a roll attack or a jump on their heads. It can sometimes help the Kongs to reach out-of-reach items.
Skidda sprite Skiddas Skiddas are purple lookalikes of Kobbles which slip across ice in snow-themed stages. They usually skid across a set path and can be defeated by a jump on their heads or by a roll attack.
Sneek sprite Sneeks Sneeks are basic rat enemies which walk around a set path. They can be defeated by a variety of methods, including jumping on them and rolling into them.
Swoopy sprite Swoopies Swoopies are dangerous birds resembling woodpeckers. They either fly set paths in one direction, similar to Lemguins and Bazzas, or they try to attack the Kongs individually, which results in them getting their beak stuck in a side of a tree. These Swoopies can then be used as platforms. Swoopies cannot be defeated, unless Squawks shoots an egg at a Swoopy flying a set path.


As with the previous two games, a boss is fought at the end of each world. The GBA version added a new world and thus a new boss. The boss of Razor Ridge, Barbos, was replaced with the new boss, Kroctopus. Barbos was relocated to Pacifica.

Image Name Description
Belcha Belcha (boss 1) Belcha is an oversized barrel and the boss of the first world. To defeat Belcha, the Kongs need to throw Knik-Knaks into its open mouth, so that Belcha burps and thus pushes itself closer to a pit.
Arich DKC3 artwork Arich (boss 2) Arich is a giant spider who inhabits the dense Kremwood Forest. To defeat him, the Kongs must chuck barrels at his face.
Squirt Squirt (boss 3) Squirt is an overgrown snail-like being which resides in Cotton-Top Cove. To defeat him, Ellie must shoot water projectiles at his eyes.
KAOS Artwork KAOS (boss 4) (boss 7) KAOS is the apparent master of the Kremling remains. He is the boss of Mekanos and needs to be jumped on the head to be defeated.
Bleak Bleak (boss 5) Bleak is an evil snowman, who competes with the Kongs in a snowball fight. Bleak is the boss of K3.
Barbos Barbos (boss 6) Barbos, the mother of the Lurchins, is the only boss to take place underwater. To defeat her, Enguarde must poke her weak inner part at the right time.
Krocsprite Kroctopus (boss 6) Exclusive to the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country 3, Kroctopus tries to damage the Kongs with its sharp claws. The Kongs must trick the claws into grabbing bombs to defeat Kroctopus.
Baron K. Roolenstein Baron K. Roolenstein (boss 7) (boss 8 and final boss) Baron K. Roolenstein is the final boss who resides in the castle fortress at KAOS Kore. The Kongs must chuck barrels towards his jetpack to damage him. He reappears in the lost world Krematoa as the true final boss, this time in his submarine Knautilus.

Worlds and Stages[]

World 1 - Lake Orangatanga[]

# Image Name Description Bonus Rooms
1 Lakeside Limbo Lakeside Limbo This boardwalk stage set by Lake Orangatanga is an easy stage designed to comfort the player into the controls of this game. It features many places for the Kongs to swim, and only a handful of enemies like Sneeks and Kobbles. Ellie the Elephant also makes her debut in this stage. 2
2 DoorstopDash Doorstop Dash This mill stage features levers which need to be pulled in order to proceed through the next door. The Kongs need to hurry to the doors before they close themselves again. 2
3 TidalTrouble Tidal Trouble This boardwalk stage features a fearsome tide, which makes swimming to the right more difficult. Enguarde also reappears. 2
4 SkiddasRow Skidda's Row This snowy stage features slippery ice and the slipping enemies Skiddas. 2
5 MurkyMill Murky Mill A dark mill infested with numerous Sneeks, and the Kongs must traverse most of the stage with Ellie the Elephant, who gets frightened if she sees a Sneek. 2
6 BelchaAdvanceCountry3Battle Belcha's Barn The boss stage of this world, featuring the oversized barrel Belcha. (boss 1) /

World 2 - Kremwood Forest[]

# Image Name Description Bonus Rooms
7 Barrel shield bust up Barrel Shield Bust-Up The first forest level, which features numerous ropes guarded by moving Barrel Shields. To evade any nuts thrown from Minkeys, the Kongs must hide behind said shields. 2
8 Riverside race Riverside Race A fast-paced level where the Kongs must switch between running on land and swimming through narrow tunnels. Brash Bear's record of running through this level in 1 minute and 15 seconds is visible in the bottom right corner. Additionally, a swarm of Killer Bees chases the Kongs. 2
9 SquealsonWheels Squeals on Wheels Another mill infested by Sneeks. In order to progress, the Kongs must take out every Sneek they encounter. Their progress is tracked on a green bar that can be seen multiple times throughout the level. Towards the end of the stage, the Kongs encounter Parry for the first time. 2
10 Kongs stand on Nid Springin' Spiders To climb the two massive trees, the Kongs must take advantage of the bouncing Nids and step on their wooden boards. Squawks also makes his first appearance here. 2
11 Bobbing Barrel Brawl Bobbing Barrel Brawl Another riverside stage, although this time there are hungry Nibblas lurking in the water. The Kongs are transformed into Ellie for the majority of the stage, and must utilize her water spraying ability to take out nearby Buzzes. 2
12 Arich - DKC3 Screenshot Arich's Ambush The boss stage of this world, featuring a giant spider known as Arich. (boss 2) /

World 3 - Cotton-Top Cove/Cotton Top Cove[]

  1. Bazza's Blockade
  2. Rocket Barrel Ride
  3. Kreeping Klasps
  4. Tracker Barrel Trek
  5. Fish Food Frenzy
  6. Squirt's Showdown (boss 3)

World 4 - Mekanos[]

  1. Fire-Ball Frenzy
  2. Demolition Drain-Pipe
  3. Ripsaw Rage
  4. Blazing Bazukas
  5. Low-G Labyrinth
  6. KAOS Karnage/Kaos Karnage (boss 4)

World 5 - K3[]

  1. Krevice Kreepers
  2. Tearaway Toboggan
  3. Barrel Drop Bounce
  4. Krack-Shot Kroc/Krack Shot Kroc
  5. Lemguin Lunge
  6. Bleak's House (boss 5)

World 6 - Razor Ridge[]

  1. Buzzer Barrage
  2. Kong-Fused Cliffs
  3. Floodlit Fish
  4. Pot Hole Panic
  5. Ropey Rumpus
  6. Barbos's Barrier (in the SFC/SNES version) (boss 6) / Kroctopus Krush (boss 6 in the GBA version)

World 7 - Pacifica (GBA version only)[]

  1. Dingy Drain-Pipe
  2. Stormy Seas
  3. Sunken Spruce
  4. Cliffside Blast
  5. Ripcurl Reef
  6. Surf's Up
  7. Barbos's Barrier (in the GBA version) (boss 7 in the GBA version)

World 7 (8 in the GBA version) - KAOS Kore/Kaos Kore[]

  1. Konveyor Rope Klash
  2. Creepy Caverns
  3. Lightning Lookout
  4. Koindozer Klamber
  5. Poisonous Pipeline
  6. Kastle KAOS/Kastle Kaos (boss 7) (boss 8 in the GBA version)

World 8 (9 in the GBA version) - Krematoa[]

  1. Stampede Sprint
  2. Criss Kross Cliffs
  3. Tyrant Twin Tussle
  4. Swoopy Salvo
  5. Rocket Rush
  6. Knautilus (boss 8 and final boss) (boss 9 and final boss in the GBA version)

Stage Themes[]

Not counting unique boss stages, Donkey Kong Country 3 features a total of twelve different stage environments, which is two less than in the previous game. Most stages of the same environment type also feature a different color palette. For example, Bobbing Barrel Brawl's tree's leaves are orange, while the leaves in Riverside Race are of a fresh green color. Below is a list of all environments and the number of stages belonging to them.

Image Type Description Music theme(s)
Boardwalk DKC3 Stilts The first environment encountered in the game, and one of the least-common themes. There are three boardwalk stages in the SFC/SNES version, and four in the GBA version. This stage type is one of the few types which feature water in a non-water stage. Stilt Village (SFC/SNES version) / Stilt Village (GBA version)
Mill DKC3 Mill Also one of the least-common environments in the game. These stages take place in massive mills and are only featured in the first two world, since none of the other world feature mills. There are three mill stages in both versions of Donkey Kong Country 3. Mill stages are prominently vertical. Mill Fever (SFC/SNES version) / Mill Fever (GBA version)
Frosty village DKC3 Snow These stages almost exclusively appear in the world K3, although the fourth stage of Lake Orangatanga also features a snow-themed stage. These stages are very slippery and it may snow during certain parts of stages. In both versions of the game, there are 3 snow-themed stages. Frosty Frolics (SFC/SNES version) / Frosty Frolics (GBA version)
Hollow Tree DKC3 Forest This stage type is very common. It features two massive hollow trees, which allow the stages to be vertical. The Kongs must often switch between the trees, but sometimes they can choose their path. There are 4 of these stagels in the SFC/SNES version, and 5 in the GBA version. Treetop Tumble (SFC/SNES version) / Treetop Tumble (GBA version)
Riverbank DKC3 Riverbank This stage type's main feature is the river. The gameplay in these stages is a constant mix of underwater and land sections, although the player can sometimes decide which path to take. In both versions of the game, there are 3 riverbank stages. Enchanted Riverbank (SFC/SNES version) / Enchanted Riverbank (GBA version)

Hot Pursuit (SFC/SNES version) / Hot Pursuit (GBA version)

Coral cave DKC3 Corals These stages are exclusively underwater, except for the end of the stage, which always takes place in a cave setting. Coral cave stages are the least linear of every stage type. There are 3 of these stages in the SFC/SNES version, and 4 in the GBA version. Water World (SFC/SNES version) / Water World (GBA version)

Cavern Caprice (GBA version)

Waterfall DKC3 Waterfall These stages are once again centered around vertical stage design. The Kongs have to carefully navigate up the numerous platforms in front and behind the waterfall. There are three waterfall stages in each version of the game. Cascade Capers (SFC/SNES version) / Cascade Capers (GBA version)
Factory DKC3 Factory These stages take place in dangerous factories from the Kremlings. There are lots of containers with lava or similarly harmful substances, and a few creatures firing fireballs at the Kongs. There are 3 factory stages in both versions of the game. Nuts and Bolts (SFC/SNES version) / Nuts and Bolts (GBA version)
Pipeline DKC3 Pipeline These stages are very narrow and sometimes contain mysterious substances affecting the Kongs' physics. One pipeline stage is also traversed with a toboggan. This stage type is also one of the most common in the GBA version, since there are 3 in the SFC/SNES version and 5 in the GBA version. Pokey Pipes (SFC/SNES version) / Pokey Pipes (GBA version)

Hot Pursuit (SFC/SNES version) / Hot Pursuit (GBA version)

Cliffs DKC3 Cliffs Cliff stages mostly consist of vertical stage design. This stage type is by far the most common, appearing in 5 stages in the SFC/SNES version and 6 stages in the GBA version. Rockface Rumble (SFC/SNES version) / Rockface Rumble (GBA version)

Rocket Run (SFC/SNES version) / Rocket Run (GBA version)

Cave DKC3 Cave Cave stages are also one of the few stages which may feature water. These stages are mostly horizontal, but not linear. There are 4 cave stages in both versions of the game, making it a rather common stage type. Cavern Caprice (SFC/SNES version) / Cavern Caprice (GBA version)
Jungle DKC3 Jungle Jungle stages are linear and they feature a lot more traditional platforming than other stages. There are 3 jungle stages in each version of the game. Jungle Jitter (SFC/SNES version) / Jungle Jitter (GBA version)

Chase (GBA version)

Supporting Locations[]

Image Name Description Music theme(s)
WrinklySaveCave Wrinkly's Save Cave Wrinkly Kong retired from teaching and now lives in this cave. A save cave is located in every world and once in the overworld map. The Kongs can stop by to save anytime. Wrinkly's Save Cave

Wrinkly 64

Funky's Rentals Funky's Rentals Funky Kong set up a brand-new boat rental business in the south of the Northern Kremisphere. Here, the Kongs can unlock up to four different vehicles which help the Kongs traverse the Northern Kremisphere. Hangin' At Funky's
SwankySideshowCountry3 Swanky's Sideshow Swanky's Sideshow is a collection of three minigames in which the Kongs can compete against Cranky Kong in order to win bananas and bear coins. The host is Swanky Kong. Swanky's Sideshow
BazaarGS Brothers Bear Residences The Brothers Bear all live in log cabins across the Northern Kremisphere. In the GBA version, these cabins were redesigned to a bigger variety of places, such as a stadium, a library, and much more, to further differentiate them from one another. Brothers Bear (SFC/SNES version) / Brothers Bear (GBA version)
BananaBirdCave Banana Bird Caves Banana Bird Caves are spread out across the Northern Kremisphere. Each world contains one Banana Bird Cave, and there are multiple Banana Bird Caves located somewhere around the overworld map. Crystal Chasm (SFC/SNES version) / Crystal Chasm (GBA version)
WrinklyRetreat Wrinkly's Retreat Exclusive to the GBA version, Wrinkly's Retreat replaces the first of Wrinkly's Save Caves west of Funky's Rentals. Since the player can now save in the pause menu at any time, all save caves have been replaced by Cranky's Dojo and the first cave is now the place where all the collected Banana Birds gather.
Crankydojo Cranky's Dojo Cranky's Dojo is the replacement for all of the save caves in every world in the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country 3. Here, Cranky hosts a minigame where the player needs to defend Cranky from 30 incoming Bristles. Cranky's Dojo / Cranky's Dojo 2
Swanky's Dash background Swanky's Dash Since Cranky now owns his own dojos in the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country 3, Swanky could not host his old sideshow and reworked Swanky's Sideshow into a virtual-reality game for Dixie Kong to compete in. Here, the player controls Dixie running in a long tunnel, where the goal is to collect as many stars as possible. Swanky's Dash

Items and Objects[]

Image Name Description
Single Banana Bananas Bananas and Banana Bunches return from the previous two game, unchanged. A banana bunch is worth ten bananas and collecting 100 of them gives a free life.
DKC3 Blue Extra Life Balloon Extra Life Balloons Extra Life Balloons return as well, with Dixie's face on them. Red is worth one life, green is worth two, blue is worth three lives.
Bear Coin Static Bear Coins Bear Coins act much like Banana Coins from Donkey Kong Country 2. They are the main currency of the game, needed to pay for Swanky Kong's bonus games and the Brothers Bear, as well as Cranky's Dojo.
Bonus Coin Static Bonus Coins Bonus Coins are found at the end of each Bonus Stage and can be used to unlock stages in Krematoa.
DK2 DK Coins DK Coins return from Donkey Kong Country 2, except getting them and their usage is different. Each stage has one Koin enemy, which must be defeated via Steel Keg in order to get the DK Coin. After collecting all of them, Funky will give them a Gyrocopter vital to finishing the game.
K - DKC2
O - DKC2
N - DKC2
G - DKC2
K-O-N-G Letters K-O-N-G Letters act exactly has they did in the previous games, upon collecting all of them at the end of a stage gives one life.
EllieCrate Animal Crates Animal Crates act as a prison for Animal Buddies and must be broken to free the buddy inside. They are rarer in Donkey Kong Country 3 than in Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2, as most stages feature Animal Barrels instead.
Crate-dkc2 Crate A single regular crate returns from Donkey Kong Country 2, which functions just like regular wooden Barrels.
COG Cogs Cogs are used in Krematoa to unlock the final boss battle.
LevelFlagSprite Stage Flags Stage Flags, whose color coordinates with the Kong that finished the stage (pink is Dixie, blue is Kiddy). Also, if it has a small yellow triangular flag below it on the map, the player has defeated Koin in that stage and collect the DK Coin, and if the main flag is fully blowing in the wind instead of only slightly, then the player has cleared all the Bonus Rooms. If the COLOR cheat is activated, the Stage Flag will be colored purple or green respectively.

Brothers Bear Items[]

In addition, the game has various types of tradable items introduced, obtained by talking to Brothers Bears or defeating certain bosses. The role and how to get some of these items was tweaked in the GBA version of the game.


Image Name Description
WoodenBarrel Wooden Barrels Wooden Barrels make their usual appearance, they are simply wooden or "normal" barrels that can be thrown and rolled on the ground.
DKBarrelsprite DK Barrels DK Barrels also make their usual appearance, reviving a lost Kong.
TNTBarrel TNT Barrels TNT Barrels are destructive, explosive barrels that can be used on many enemies.
Steel-Keg Steel Kegs Steel Kegs return from the original Donkey Kong Country, and are found in every single stage. Fans find this ironic how they were in the original Donkey Kong Country, never returned in Donkey Kong Country 2, and reappeared in every regular stage of Donkey Kong Country 3. Steel Kegs are key items to defeating the Koin enemy.
Invincibility Barrel - DKC2 Invincibility Barrels Invincibility Barrels grant temporary invincibility much like a Super Star from the Super Mario franchise. Also known as the "! Barrel".
WarpBarrel Warp Barrels Warp Barrels act as secret, well hidden ways to teleport to the end of the stage very quickly. A Warp Barrel is hidden in each stage of the first two worlds.
Rambi Barrel Animal Barrels Animal Barrels, when entered, turns the Kongs into the animal pictured on it.
Blast Barrel - DKC2 Blast Barrels Blast Barrels, also referred to as Autofire Barrels, blast the Kongs into a predetermined direction upon entering them.
Tracker Barrel Sprite - DKC3 Tracker Barrels Tracker Barrels are rare barrels found prominently in two stages, Tracker Barrel Trek and Barrel Drop Bounce. Trackers always follow the Kong's descent downwards and launch them back up, but are often near Buzzes.
Switch Barrel Sprite - DKC3 Switch Barrels Switch Barrels are another type of uncommon barrels. They turn steel kegs into TNT Barrels or wooden barrels (or vice versa).
Ghostbarrel Boo Barrels Boo Barrels are tricky barrels somewhat like Auto Fire Barrels, except they aim in random directions and randomly disappear and reappear.
Item RocketBarrel Booster Barrels Booster Barrels act somewhat like rockets which launch upwards and then fire the Kongs, usually found in waterfall stages.
Rocket Rocket Barrel A single Rocket Barrel is exclusive to the final regular stage of the world Krematoa, Rocket Rush. It slowly descends and requires fuel to keep it charged.
Fuel Barrel DKC3 Fuel Barrels Fuel Barrels keep the Rocket Barrel flying.
Ignition Barrel Ignition Barrel Ignition Barrel ignites the main engine of the Rocket Barrel.


Image Name Description
Motorboat-dkc3 Motor Boat The Motor Boat is the first vehicle Funky Kong lends Dixie and Kiddy. It is a simple boat which can be used to traverse the water.
Hover Craft Hover Craft The Hover Craft can be built by Funky once a patch is obtained from Arich, the boss of the second world. The Hover Craft can cross rocks blocking the path for the Motor Boat.
Rail car Toboggans This is the only vehicle type not officially associated with Funky Kong. They replace the Mine Carts from Donkey Kong Country and the Skull Carts from Donkey Kong Country 2, and additionally, they can hook onto ceiling rails. Unlike the other four vehicles, the Toboggans are only used inside some pipeline and snow-themed stages.
Torbo Ski Turbo Ski The Turbo Ski can be crafted by Funky once the two skis from Squirt and KAOS, the bosses of the third and fourth world respectively, have been obtained. It can not only cross rocks like the Hover Craft, but it can also go up waterfalls.
Gyrocopter Gyrocopter The Gyrocopter is the last vehicle Funky will craft for the Kongs. Once all the DK Coins are collected, the Kongs can use the Gyrocopter, which can fly high in the air. It is useful for reaching the rest of the secret Banana Bird caves.

Differences between the SFC/SNES and GBA versions[]

  • The overall maps has been tweaked in some areas due to new additions and changes to them (i.e. there are no Save Caves so maps lack them).
  • In the SFC/SNES version of Donkey Kong Country 3, most of the music themes are composed by Eveline Fischer[2], with a few ones being composed by David Wise. However, because of hardware limitations, an entirely new soundtrack was composed by David Wise, alongside Eveline Fischer, for the GBA version.
  • Wrinkly Kong can only be found in Wrinkly's Retreat between Funky's Rentals and Bazaar's General Store.
  • The areas where Wrinkly was are now replaced by Cranky's Dojo, where the player can play a minigame to earn a Banana Bird.
  • The game introduces a new world: Pacifica.
  • Barnacle is relocated to Pacifica while Bachelor now takes residence in Lake Orangatanga.
  • After completing Mekanos, the player can visit Bramble anytime to receive a Banana Bird.
  • Funky Kong now has four minigames, depending on how many vehicles the player can rent.
  • Swanky Kong now runs a virtual reality machine that only Dixie Kong can play. The player has to collect a certain number of stars to earn a Banana Bird once.
  • Swanky's sprite was reused from the game Donkey Kong Country 2.
  • When defeating a Koin, the DK Coin is obtained automatically after defeating it.
  • After beating Mekanos and Cotton-Top Cove, the player now has the option of being in either K3, Razor Ridge, and Pacifica.
  • Barbos has been relocated to Pacifica while Kroctopus now inhabits Razor Ridge.
  • The houses that the Brothers Bear live in and the bears themselves have been given realistic redesigns. Also, the same music is heard in every house and no longer changes according to the bear (The music piece is also shared with Funky's Rentals, Swanky's Dash, and Wrinkly's Retreat).
  • In addition, a new Brothers Bear called Bachelor was added, and some new items were added and the trading pattern was tweaked.
  • Oddly, Blizzard is now a grizzly bear, as opposed to the original, where he is a polar bear.
  • The Dixie Kong's Photo Album is no longer featured during the regular ending cutscene of the GBA game version. In fact, the photo album is entirely removed from the game.
  • Unlike the GBA versions of the games Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2, this game does not feature the Scrapbook and the pictures for the player to collect.
  • There are now five extra Banana Birds to collect, increasing the total to twenty.
  • The outside of Kastle KAOS is redesigned, and it no longer has a pink glow emitting from its highest tower.
  • The world map shows a closer view of the Kongs than in the original.
  • When Knautilus is unlocked in the SFC/SNES version, the background of areas in Krematoa turns red. However, this does not happen in the Game Boy Advance version. Also missing is the small bridge connecting the Knautilus to the ground.
  • The final stage, Rocket Rush, has an increased difficulty, as red Buzzes damage the Rocket Barrel when touched, and there is no Star Barrel at any point of the stage.
  • Enemies now have recycled sound effects from the previous two games instead of their deeper ones in the original Donkey Kong Country 3 (for example, a Kobble when defeated in the SFC/SNES version sounds somewhat like Krusha, but in the GBA version the sound effect is a recycled Kritter noise).
  • During the boss battle against Arich, a different music theme than the other bosses plays. The same theme is also used in the battle against Kroctopus.
    • Aditionally, both boss fights against Baron K. Roolenstein now use the same music theme as the other bosses, except for Arich and Kroctopus.


  • Immortal Monkey - 105% - When Cheat Code, "TUFST" is entered.
  • Mondo Monkey - 104% - When Cheat Code, "HARDR" is entered.
  • Top Banana - 103%
  • Champion Chimp - 100-102%
  • Mega Monkey
  • Kool Kong
  • So-So Simian
  • Average Ape
  • Puny Primape
  • Cheesy Chimp
  • Manky Monkey
  • Cheatin' Chump - When Cheat Codes, "ASAVE" and "LIVES" are entered.

Cheat Codes[]

In both versions of Donkey Kong Country 3, the player can enter a variety of codes to change parts of the game.

  • In the SFC/SNES version, the code select menu can be accessed by pressing the "L" and "R" buttons in this order: "L", "R", "R", "L", "R", "R", "L", "R", "L", "R". Multiple cheats can be active at the same time, when made permanent by entering them before starting a new file.
    • MUSIC - Allows access to Dixie Kong's Music Test. Here, the player can listen to the soundtrack of the game. In the GBA version, the tracks 'Hot Pursuit' and 'Jangle Bells' have their names switched.
    • ERASE - Erases the status on Cranky Kong's leaderboard and the Kongs' record time in the stage Riverside Race.
    • HARDR - Removes 20% of the DK Barrels spread throughout the stages. Beating the game with this code activated grants the player 104% completion, however, only if the code is entered before starting the new game file.
    • TUFST - Similar to the HARDR code, except all Star Barrels are removed. If entered before starting a new file, all DK Barrels will disappear additionally. However, the player starts with both Kongs at the start of each stage. If the code has been activated before starting the new game file, the player can achieve 105% completion upon beating the game.
    • ASAVE - The game will automatically save upon completing a stage. However, if this code has been entered before starting a new file, the player's ranking on Cranky's leaderboard after defeating the final boss will be 'Cheatin' Chump'
    • WATER - The waterfall left of Bazaar's General Store can now be entered. There, the player will find a secret cave, which, upon being completed in a 'Simon Says'- style game, grants the Kongs all 85 Bonus Coins spread throughout the game.
    • COLOR - Changes the color of Dixie and Kiddy Kong's clothes to purple and green. The Stage Flags are affected by this as well. The effect will be permanent if entered before starting a new file.
    • MERRY - Changes all Bonus Rooms to be Christmas-themed. Stars are now ornaments, and Green Bananas turn into wrapped presents. The music is also altered into 'Jangle Bells', plus the completion jingle is now played with bells. The effect will be permanent if entered before starting a new file.
    • LIVES - Gifts the player with 50 extra lives. If entered before starting a new file, the player will also be ranked 'Cheatin' Chump' on Cranky's leaderboard.


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To hear the soundtrack for Donkey Kong Country 3, visit Donkey Kong Country 3/Soundtrack.

Original Soundtrack[]


Donkey kong country 3 ost

Donkey kong country 3 music


  • Sometimes, Wrinkly Kong appears to be playing the game Super Mario 64 on her Nintendo 64. A remixed version of the song "Inside the Castle Walls" from the same game can be heard while she plays it.
  • Link from The Legend of Zelda game series is mentioned by Bazaar.
    • This marks the third reference to Link in the Donkey Kong series after the games Donkey Kong Country 2 and Donkey Kong Land 2.
  • Many enemies from Donkey Kong Country 2 have been replaced with new but similar enemies.
  • The GBA version of Donkey Kong Country 3 is the only game of the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy to feature an entirely different soundtrack from the SFC/SNES. Given this, and an entirely new world, many tweaked roles and features of non-playable characters and new sound effects, could make the GBA version the most drastic change in the remakes of the same trilogy.
  • The GBA version is the only Donkey Kong Country game from the original trilogy to not feature a Scrapbook or an opening story cutscene based off the instruction booklet.
    • Ironically, the original SFC/SNES version features a photograph album during the regular ending cutscene.
  • The concept of Dixie rolling on Kiddy like a Steel Keg seems to have inspired the ability to do so with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in the later games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.
  • Kiddy Kong's Water Skip ability to bounce on water has been reused in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze as Funky Kong can perform it using his surfboard.
  • Cranky Kong makes his first playable minigame role in the Donkey Kong series in the Game Boy Advance version in Cranky's Dojo.
  • This is the first and only Donkey Kong Country game that does not feature Donkey or Diddy as playable characters, but focuses on Dixie and Kiddy instead.
  • Originally, it was intended that Donkey and Dixie would be playable in this game together, and a mechanically enhanced robot version of Diddy Kong would be the sixth boss. However, since Dixie was intended to be the star of her own game, it is likely that Donkey was replaced so he would not overshadow her role, Donkey is missing along with Diddy, whereas Dixie is accompanied by her baby cousin and co-star Kiddy, who acts very much like a mix of Donkey and Diddy.[citation needed]
  • This is the only game in the Donkey Kong Country series to not feature Rambi the Rhinoceros at all.
  • In the original SFC/SNES version, if the players switch between Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong to take the lead, when switching Dixie Kong into the lead, she blows a bubblegum and pops it with her finger, which the player will only hear about half of the sound effect of switching positions due to the limitations on older systems where only one or a few sound effects could be played at a time.
  • The melody of the music theme "Treetop Tumble" in the SFC/SNES version of the game Donkey Kong Country 3 sounds like the intro to the song "Free Hand"[7] by the progressive rock band Gentle Giant[8].