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DKC The Legend of the Crystal Coconut VHS Cover

A VHS cover of the film: Donkey Kong Country: The Legend of the Crystal Coconut.

Donkey Kong Country: The Legend of the Crystal Coconut, also known as Donkey Kong Le Film! in France, is a direct-to-video[1] film was first released in Canada in 1999, and later released in the U.S. on November 9, 1999 from Paramount Home Entertainment or MGM Home Entertainment in the U.S. along with Malofilm Video in Canada.

It contains the episodes: "Legend of the Crystal Coconut", "Bug a Boogie", "Ape-Nesia", and "Booty and the Beast" from the Donkey Kong Country animated series spliced together to make a feature-length film. The four episodes feature the character Kaptain Skurvy, one of the antagonists of the animated series.