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Donkey Kong Circus.


The Donkey Kong Circus game

Note: This is the second game released in the Donkey Kong series, but takes place before the first game.

Donkey Kong Circus was a Game & Watch game (with a Panorama screen) released September 6, 1984. In it, the player controls Donkey Kong Sr. while trying to juggle pineapples on a barrel, making sure to avoid flames.


Mario was a carpenter who had watched a circus act starring a Kong named Donkey Kong Senior (later known as Cranky Kong), Mario unwittingly laughed at Cranky when the Kong made mistakes during the circus act. In the circus, Donkey Kong Sr. had to use his legs to balance the barrel he was on, juggle pineapples, and avoid deadly flames.


  • This is one of the few Game & Watch units to feature full color. This was due to Gunpei Yokoi's idea to move the background around the characters instead of vice-versa.
  • This game features identical gameplay to Mickey Mouse, which was released seven months earlier. The two games' codes also got mixed up, with Mickey Mouse being model "DC-95" and Donkey Kong Circus being "MK-96".
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