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Donkey Kong Circus.


The Donkey Kong Circus game

Note: This is the second game released in the Donkey Kong series, but takes place before the first game.

Donkey Kong Circus was a Game & Watch game (with a Panorama screen) released September 6, 1984. In it, the player controls Donkey Kong while trying to juggle pineapples on a barrel, making sure to avoid flames.


Mario was a carpenter who had come in possession of a Kong and his son. Mario, unwittingly, mistreated the ape by putting him in a circus. In the circus, Donkey Kong had to use his legs to balance the barrel he was on, juggle pineapples, and avoid deadly flames.


  • This is one of the few Game & Watch units to feature full color. This was due to Gunpei Yokoi's idea to move the background around the characters instead of vice-versa.
  • This game features identical gameplay to Mickey Mouse, which was released seven months earlier. The two games' codes also got mixed up, with Mickey Mouse being model "DC-95" and Donkey Kong Circus being "MK-96".
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