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Donkey Kong
The Boxart for Donkey Kong (GB)
Developer(s): Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform(s): Game Boy
Release Date: Flag of Japan June 14, 1994
Flag of USA June, 1994
Flag of Europe September 29, 1994
Genre Platform, Puzzle
Ratings E: Everyone
Mode(s) 1 Player
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Donkey Kong is a Game Boy game released in 1994. It is a remake/alternate retelling (heavily implied to be a non-canon stage play similar to how Super Mario Bros. 3 was a stage play) of the Donkey Kong arcade game.


In this game, Donkey Kong kidnaps Pauline and Mario must save her by advancing throughout entire levels. After Mario defeats Donkey Kong in each world, Donkey Kong will get up again and run off with Pauline. Basically, it's the plot of the first Donkey Kong game back in the arcades, but updated with new levels, (and old familiar levels) for the Game Boy.


As stated earlier, this game features remakes of the old level designs from the first two Donkey Kong Arcade titles, but also features a whole new world system similar to that of the Super Mario Bros. series. Mario's movements are also greatly improved for this game, being able to do pretty much anything he could do in Super Mario 64, but in a two dimensional space and about two years earlier. Mario is also able to pick up and throw certain enemies and objects in the later levels, similar to Super Mario Bros. 2/USA/Doki Doki Panic.


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