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In the episode "Follow That Coconut", when General Klump and Krusha give King K. Rool the real Crystal Coconut, having just avoided falling for a fake one, K. Rool begins singing "Do You Know What This Means?".


Could it be? I have what I've wanted!

Just a minute, I want to savor this moment!

The power that I now possess

Suits me well, I must confess

It's good to be...

Glorious me!

Do you know what this will mean to me?

I'm the power over all that I see!

Kneel before me as I reign supreme!

Do you know what this means?


Why don't you just rip my heart out!?

Do you know what this means?

The Crystal Coconut, in the hands of that fiend...

Our future's in doubt, you dim-witted lout!

This is the worst thing that could ever have happened!

This could cost us everything!

We're doomed, you bone-headed baboon!

Now go! Go out and get the Coconut back!

And don't come back until you get it!