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ExitIsNearSign Dingy Drain-Pipe ExitSign
Dingy drain pipe
World(s) Pacifica
Type Pipeline
Music Theme(s) Pokey Pipes
Animal Buddies Enguarde the Swordfish
Bonus Room(s) 2

Enemies Encountered Bristles, Buzzes, Koin, Lurchins, Kocos, Re-Koils
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3 (for GBA) (2005)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3 (for GBA) (2005)
Adjacent Stage(s) << Donkey Kong Country 3 >>

Dingy Drain-Pipe (よごれた はいすいこう, Yogoreta haisuikou in Japan) is the first stage of the world Pacifica of the Northern Kremisphere, as well as the thirty-seventh stage overall in the Game Boy Advance version of the game Donkey Kong Country 3. It is preceded by Kroctopus Krush and followed by Stormy Seas.


The stage takes place inside a partially flooded pipeline. The Kongs must first move across dry sections, going past enemies, eventually reaching underwater sections, also infested with aquatic enemies. At some points, when moving down vertical paths, the water will also drain quickly. Enemies found here are Bristles, Buzzes, Lurchins, green Kocos and Re-Koils.


Collectables and Secrets[]

  • Bananas:
    • Banana Bunches:
  • Bear Coins:

K-O-N-G Letters[]

  • K: After entering the first underwater section and going past some Lurchins, the path splits up. The left way leads to a dead end with a fast Lurchin guarding the letter "K". Good timing is required in order to collect the letter without harming the primates.
  • O: After following a path downwards at the first water section and moving across some Kocos, the Kongs will find an Arrow Barrel above the water which blasts them back up. The left path leads to a dead end, where the letter "O" is located.
  • N: After the Star Barrel of the stage, the heroes will come across many Bristles on a downhill section. Soon after that, it will be a flooded passage on the ground leading back to the water. The player must ignore this passage and jump over it, moving at the right direction. At the dead end of the other side, the letter "N" can be found, guarded by a Re-Koil.
  • G: At the end of the second underwater section of the stage, the water will drain suddenly, leaving the Kongs on a dry terrain, between two Re-Koils. The player must move past the enemy at the left, reaching a dead end, where there is a red Buzz flying around the letter "G".

Bonus Rooms[]

Type Objective
Collect 40 Stars! Shortly after entering the water and collecting the "K" of the K-O-N-G Letters, the Kongs need to head left. After passing several Lurchins, which are spread out to the ceiling and floor, they will encounter a group of Lurchins swimming before a path which leads upwards. If the Kongs squeeze through the tight gap between the wall and the Lurchin guarding the upper path, they will find the first Bonus Barrel. The objective of this Bonus Room is to collect forty stars before the timer of fifteen seconds runs out. The heroes must use the four Barrel Cannons to blast through the Bonus Room quick enough. Good timing is required by the player in order to shoot the barrels at vertical and horizontal trajectories, respectively.
Collect 55 Stars! At the final section of the stage, after collecting the letter "G", the Kongs must move right, going past a Re-Koil and three fast Bristles. Soon, they will come across a pipe passage leading upwards. Inside of it, there is a Bonus Barrel, reachable only by Kiddy Kong using the "Team-Up" ability to throw Dixie at it. In the Bonus Room, the heroes must collect fifty-five stars within the time limit of twenty-five seconds. They must move underwater in order to collect the stars, however, half way down the vertical room, the water will drain quickly. If the Kongs fall onto the lowest section missing some stars above, it is not possible to return. It may be required to re-enter the Bonus Room and try again.

DK Coin[]

After the beginning of the stage, the Kongs must move past some Bristles, and fall down into a vertical passage. By going right and after avoiding five Bristles, eventually, there will be a passage leading upwards at the top of the pipeline. Kiddy Kong must use the "Team-Up" ability and throw Dixie towards the passage. Dixie will enter an invisible Autofire Barrel and both primates will be blasted upwards, reaching the room where the Koin of the stage is present. The heroes must go over the enemy, moving at the right direction until they find a Steel Keg. Here, the player can throw the barrel upwards and towards the wall in order to make it roll slowly, and return to the Koin, while keeping the view of the Steel Keg at the screen. Another option is to throw the barrel against the wall, jump and ride on the top of it. In both cases, before the Steel Keg reaching the Koin, the Kongs must jump on the enemy or over it in order to the Koin to move away the shield, becoming vulnerable to the barrel.

Animal Buddies[]

  • Enguarde the Swordfish: After the letter "N", at beginning of the second underwater section of the stage, the Kongs will find some green Kocos swimming towards the right direction. The path will split up. The down passage is guarded by a green Koco, and it leads to a small room containing Enguarde's Animal Crate.




  • This is the only pipeline stage in the game Donkey Kong Country 3 to feature regular water.
  • When the water drains at some points of the stage, the aquatic enemies just disappear alongside the water.