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For the original iteration of Diddy Kong Pilot, see Diddy Kong Pilot.
Diddy Kong Pilot (2003 build)
Initial title screen for the 2003 build of the canceled game Diddy Kong Pilot.
Developer(s) Rareware
Publisher(s) Rareware Central (ROM)
Main Development Staff {{{devteam}}}
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance (canceled), ROM File[1]
Release Date(s) ROM File
November 5, 2011
Genre(s) Racing
Ratings N/A
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer (does not work)
Media(s) ROM File
Input(s) Home Computer Keyboard (ROM)

Diddy Kong Pilot was an airplane racing game for the Game Boy Advance developed by Rareware before its cancelation. The game would be later reskinned as Banjo-Pilot released for the Game Boy Advance in 2005.

The 2003 build of Diddy Kong Pilot was originally leaked as a ROM file[1] by the defunct Rareware Central webmaster Torrentstorm on November 5, 2011 (see External Links section below). The ROM file can be played via emulation[2].


The 2003 game build has three separate teams with those teams being Team Kong (easy difficulty), Team Kremling (medium difficulty) and Team Cranky (advanced difficulty).

Apparently, the game was very far in development but only has a few bugs including the failure on other language options other than English. Any other language that is not English redirects to German and the only German text found in the game is on the title screen or on the language options. Another bug involves the Secrets section redirecting the player back to the title screen. Another one is, when Team Cranky is unlocked, the least advanced cup (Klaptrap Cup) has a bronze award and onwards until reaching the platinum trophy (the most advanced trophy). A fourth one is no matter which cup it is, Steamy Swoop (the first stage) is still shown to be the first course. A fifth bug is when the Sound option in the options menu is selected, it redirects the player to the initials select part. A sixth is the one where the numbers 22 always show up on the top-left corner of the Options screen.

This game also has a Single player mode which has a Cups option, a Time Trials or even a Cranky's Challenge mode. The options mode has a language select option, a Sound option, Secrets option, a Multiplayer Weapons mode which leads to the cutscene of the most recent dogfight battle defeat (another bug) along with Ghost leading them to a victory photo of a team (depending on the title screen) and the Clear Scores button erases all of the data.


Diddy Kong Pilot Banjo-Pilot Note
K-O-N-G Letters Notes Collectibles later replaced by Notes in Banjo-Pilot.
Banana Coin Jiggy Items in Cranky's Challenge. Six must be collected while winning against Cranky too.
Star Barrel Honeycomb
Balloon Glowbo
Buzz Fire Egg Sent after opponents to attack.
Zinger Ice Egg Can be left behind as an obstacle.
TNT Barrel Turbo Trainers Allows the player to gain a boost when this item is used.
Rambi Gold Feather Allows invincibility.
Wrench Barrel Minjy Jongo Allows the player to temporarily stun all players and make them dizzy.
Blue Buzz Saucer 'O Peril A homing Buzz missile. Does the same as the regular, but locks onto the target
N/A Cheato Pages

Race Courses

Diddy Kong Pilot Banjo-Pilot Cups
Steamy Swoop Spiral Mountain Klaptrap Kup (DKP)
Honeycomb Cup (BP)
Plain Pursuit Jinxy's Dunes
Chilly Length Freezeezy Peak
Magma Spurt Hailfire Peaks
Shore Strife Treasure Trove Cove Kritter Kup (DKP)
Jiggy Cup (BP)
Jungle Jostle Clanker's River
Temple Heat Grunty Industries
Wild Wilderness Gobi's Valley
Frosty Feud Freezing Furnace Klump Kup (DKP)
Beehive Cup (BP)
Vine Rush Mayahem Temple
Speedy Show Steamy Vents
Reef Encounter Jolly Roger's Lagoon
Lava Dispute Witchyworld K. Rool Kup (DKP)
Feather Cup (BP)
Frantic Beach Breegull Beach
Prairie Dash Terrydactyland
Icy Passage Cauldron Keep
Monkey Rift Spiral Mountain R Dixie Cup (DKP)
Pumpkin Cup (BP)
Plateau Patrol Jinxy's Dunes R
Artic Rumble Freezeezy Peak R
Ember Trouble Hailfire Peaks R
Rapid Sands Treasure Trove Cove R Diddy Cup (DKP)
Cauldron Cup (BP)
Simian Field Clanker's River R
Cinder Slam Grunty Industries R
Savannah Air Gobi's Valley R
Snow Business Freezing Furnace R Funky Cup (DKP)
Skull Cup (BP)
Gibbons Gate Mayahem Temple R
Fiery Divide Steamy Vents R
Monkey Bay Jolly Roger's Lagoon R
Sanctum Shoot Witchyworld R Donkey Cup (DKP)
Broomstick Cup (BP)
Coastal Chaos Breegull Beach R
Sunset Shindig Terrydactyland R
Tundra Tumble Cauldron Keep R
Jungle Jig Mumbo's Mountain Battle Tracks
Sunset Scrap Temple Tussle
Ice Escapades Arctic Blast
Beach Brawl Rusty Bucket Bay


Diddy Kong Pilot Banjo-Pilot
Team Kong - Beginner Bottles GP
Team Krem - Intermediate Grunty GP
Team Cranky - Expert Endurance GP
N/A Jinjo GP
Diddy Kong Pilot Banjo-Pilot
Diddy Kong Kazooie
Dixie Kong Jinjo
Funky Kong Banjo
Donkey Kong Bottles
Klaptrap Humba Wumba
Kritter Jolly Roger
Klump Klungo
K. Rool Grunty
Cranky Kong Mumbo Jumbo

Team Kong

  • Diddy Kong
    • Speed: 3/5
    • Acceleration: 3/5
    • Weight: 2/5
  • Dixie Kong
    • Speed: 3/5
    • Acceleration: 4/5
    • Weight: 2/5
  • Funky Kong
    • Speed: 4/5
    • Acceleration: 2/5
    • Weight: 3/5

Team Kremling

  • Kritter
    • Speed: 3/5
    • Acceleration: 4/5
    • Weight: 2/5
  • Klaptrap
    • Speed: 2/5
    • Acceleration: 5/5
    • Weight: 2/5
  • Klump
    • Speed: 4/5
    • Acceleration: 2/5
    • Weight: 4/5

Team Cranky

  • Cranky Kong (put in four character slots)
    • Speed: 5/5
    • Acceleration: 4/5
    • Weight: 2/5



  • If the game is completed by Cranky Kong, the title screen would change to Cranky Kong Pilot, and by a Kremling, then Kremling Pilot.
  • Also, when the game is completed as Cranky Kong, the options menu has construction girders similar to the original Donkey Kong arcade game.
  • There is a spelling error on when the player loses a dogfight. Instead of saying "YOU LOSE" it says "YOU LOOSE".
  • On the language screen, the "ç" in Français is missing, and the "ñ" in Español is also missing.
  • Selecting Secrets in the Options menu seem to unlock all cups, courses and teams.

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