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Davy Bones
Davy Bones' artwork from DK: King of Swing.
Leader King K. Rool
Homeland Aqua World
Origin of Species Skeletal eel

Affiliations Kremling Krew
Enemies Kong Family
Game(s) DK: King of Swing

Davy Bones is one of the bosses in DK: King of Swing who appears to resemble a skeletal eel. He is encountered in the Aqua World, in the stage Davy Bones' Locker.


Donkey battling Davy Bones in DK: King of Swing.

When engaging in battle, Davy Bones swims around a little bit until his health meter shows up and goes into one of his holes. His first attack is gnashing his teeth and then speeding up while trying to injure Donkey (Diddy in Diddy Mode). If either one isn't careful, they end up in injury. When he swims around for a while, he turns blue and becomes inactive. During this phase, Donkey or Diddy has a small amount of time to grab hold of the stub of Davy Bones' tail and swing him around, knocking Davy Bones onto spikes until Davy Bones returns to its normal condition. A few more times with this repeated defeats Davy Bones and allows him to release the golden DK Medal.