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Darkwater beach

Darkwater Beach is the battle stage for Sherbet Island in Diddy Kong Racing and its remake. In the original this game can be played after obtaining the key hidden in Crescent Island, but in the DS version it is only playable in multiplayer mode.


This the second of the rule-free battle zones, set on the usually tranquil coast of Sherbet Island. It's not so tranquil now though, as the four of you thunder around in search of power-ups to blast one another out of the running. Again, you start with eight bananas each; your goal is to still have some bananas left when your opponents all run out!

–Description from the Diddy Kong Racing Instruction Booklet

Darkwater beach map

Map of Darkwater Beach

Track Layout[]

The arena for this battle track is fairly straight forward, racers will being on one of two sandy sides of the beach. The track consists of these two sandy beach areas which contain some balloons, several banks within the water of sand containing more balloons, a stony arch in the center of the track, several logs in the water and two stony islands in the water. Racers can ride over the stony islands to collect offensive balloons, or drive under to seek refuge from other racers and collect defensive balloons.


Darkwater beach fight

Timber participating in the battle with one racer already eliminated

At the start of this stage all players begin with a counter of 8 bananas under their character icon, whoever can hold onto their own bananas while knocking other players out be removing their bananas wins. Each hit a player suffers will remove two of the bananas from their counter so the player can only take four hits before they are eliminated. Bananas can be removed by targeting other players using the power-ups granted by the various balloons around the level (i.e. the rockets from the red balloon or the spikes from the green balloons).

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