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DK Summit.

DK Summit course overview cutscene as seen in the game Mario Kart Wii for Wii.

DK Summit, also known as DK's Snowboard Cross, is the third track in the Flower Cup from the game Mario Kart Wii for Nintendo Wii. It is a snow-themed course and the snow slows the racers down.


The race takes place in a mountain filled with snow. This course introduces the half-pipe ramps in this game. There is a canon that blasts the player to the top of the mountain.

Course Layout[]

At the begining, the race starts out in front of a stand full of spectators. Leaving the start line, the player will turn right and enter a barrel cannon that shoots them to the top of the mountain, depositing them just above the top of a chairlift.

Immediately from the top, the player makes a left-hand turnaround that is also a long halfpipe. At a giant statue of Mario (or a Mii if the player is playing as a Mii), the track jogs left and goes through a field of moguls.

Exiting the mogul section, the track goes through two s-turns and ends in another halfpipe populated with snowboarding Shy Guys that will spin out the player if they hit them. Turning to the right, the player will soon reach the finish line.

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