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DK Pass

DK Pass course overview in Mario Kart DS.

DK Pass is a course appearing in the games Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart 7. The course is the first race of the Star Cup in Mario Kart DS. It takes place on a snowy mountain. Racers must go up the mountain and back down. Snowballs are seen around the course as well as snowmen. Running into either of these obstacles will make the player be thrown backwards and lose an item if they have one.

Course Layout[]

The player begins at what appears to be the bottom of the mountain. After going through a tunnel, the player will begin racing up the mountain. After driving through a few winding roads, the player will reach a winding road by a cliff. Eventually, the player will encounter falling snowballs. Once the player goes past the winding roads, they will go down the mountain, where snowballs can be found rolling down. The winding road down has bumps along the road and a boost pad. After a while, the player will return to the start line.

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