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DKBB DK Jungle Falls Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong racing on the DK Jungle Falls course as seen in the game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast for Wii.

DK Jungle Falls is the second course of the Sapphire Cup in the game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast for Nintendo Wii. This is the second DK Jungle track in the game, the first one being DK Jungle.

Course Description[]

The track starts out with a path of banana bunches and bananas. After, there is a small house-like structure that the player can jump over to collect a banana bunch. When the player lands, they must proceed on a grassy path that is loaded with bananas and banana bunches. Then, there is a set of balloons that the player can collect.

They will land on a path like the previous one. There is a set of two barrels in the center that the player can either go around or break. Then, there is a barrel cannon that the player can be launched from. After landing, the player must proceed by hovering over a river. There is a lot of barrels that the player can break.

After proceeding along this path, the player enters a cave that is full of TNT Barrels. When they exit the cave, the player must proceed on a small path that leads them to a waterfall which they must travel along. When they get to the top of the waterfall, there is a path of barrels.

When the player proceeds, there is another barrel cannon. This cannon is optional to take, though. After passing this cannon, there is another small path with barrels and balloons. Then, the player must proceed straight, and they will eventually end up at the finish line.

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