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Not to be confused with DK Jungle course from the game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast

DK Jungle during course overview cutscene, as seen in the game Mario Kart 7 for 3DS.

DK Jungle is a course appearing in the games Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe). It is the first race in the Special Cup in Mario Kart 7. This course is based off locations in the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.

Course Description[]

The course starts out on a path in the jungle. After driving the for a short time, the players will then bounce off a flower. The racers then go down a path with Tiki Goons. While dodging these, they will also pass by Donkey and Diddy's treehouse.

They then cross a bridge and drive deeper into the jungle. The racers can either take the normal path with Frogoons and mud that slows them down, or pass through the grass, with a platform that allows them to glide over golden blocks. They then enter the Golden Temple, where the track is above a bottomless pit. Here, a Golden Banana can be seen on a large pedestal.

The racers then boost of a glider platform where Screaming Pillars can make it difficult to fly. If the player retracts their glider or is hit while in the air, they will fall into a small pond, where they have to drive through to make it past that point. The last section divides into two roads above a bottomless pit. After this, the track goes back to the starting line.

Relevance to the Donkey Kong series[]



  • DK Barrel: the DK barrel is an item in the course. If it is hit, a banana peel can come out.
  • Banana Peel: this is a very common item in the Mario Kart series. If any racer hits a banana peel on the track, their vehicle will spin out. The item can be released from a barrel in the course thus no item box is required.


  • Tiki Goons: these enemies appear as obstacles in some sections of the course. They will simply walk back and forward between two points of the track. The racer will spin out if they hit a Tiki Goon. If the enemy is hit by an item, it is thrown in the air for a short time.
  • Frogoons: they appear as small obstacles on the course. The frogs stay still in place but hop at certain moments to reach different parts of the track.
  • Screaming Pillars: the pillars are sleeping enemies. When a racer starts to glide, they will wake up. These enemies do not fall like they do in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, but they will scream. The scream will make it hard to fly by blowing air at the racers. In Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe), Screaming Pillars also exhale smoke when screaming.


  • The locations and scenery for the course are based off mostly of Jungle world from the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.
    • The course does not feature any airships or animals even though they are seen in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.
  • The racing game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast also possesses a course called DK Jungle.

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