Donkey Kong Jungle

DK Jungle is a course in Mario Kart 7 and is the first race in the Special Cup. This course is based off Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Layout and Elements from DK Country Returns

The course starts out on a path in the jungle. After driving the for a short time, the players will then bounce off a flower. The drivers then race down a path with Tiki Goons. While dodging these, they will also pass by DK's treehouse. They then cross a bridge and drive deeper into the jungle. The drivers can either take the normal path with mud that slows drivers down and frogs; but if they pass through the grass, they can go on a platform with allows them to glide over golden blocks (which others can drive on). They then enter the Golden Temple (where the track is above a bottomless pit) in which they see the Golden Banana on a large pedestal. The drivers then boost of a glider platform where screaming pillars can make it difficult to drive. If the player retracts their glider, or is hit while in the air, they will fall into a small pond/lake where they have to drive through to make it past that point. The last it two roads above a bottomless pit. The left one is faster and lower while the other one is slower and higher (as well as having coins). After this they make it back to the start.

Locations, Items and Obsticals from DK Series



  • DK Barrel-the Dk barrel is an item in the course. If hit a banana pell can comes out.
  • Banana Peel-this is a common item in the Mario Kart series, it can be released from a barrel in the course thus no item box is required.


  • Tiki Goons-these enimes appear as obstacles for a small part of the course. The driver spins out of they hit one. If hit by an item they are thrown in the air for a short time.
  • Frogoons-they appear as a small obstacle on the course. The frogs stay in place but hop at certin moments to different parts of the course.
  • Screaming Pillars-these pillars are a sleeping enemy. When a drivers starts to glide they wake up. They don't fall like they do in the game but will scream. The scream will make it hard to fly by shooting wind.
  • Mud-these mud puddles slow down the drivers.


  • This stage doesn't feature any airships or animals even though they are seen in the jungle stage.
  • The locations and scenery for the course is mostly of Jungle W-1.
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