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DK Isles
Greater location(s) Metro Kingdom[1][2][3]
Ruler(s) Monarchs in some islands
Inhabitant(s) Kongs
Game(s) Various games (except Donkey Kong Jungle Beat)
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Music Theme DK Isles

DK Isles refers to the chain of islands in Donkey Kong Island's waters, for example: Banana Fairy Island, Sun Sun Island and Secret Seclusion.

However, the background of second game menu screen displays a map that includes Crocodile Isle, ruled by King K. Rool. The third game reveals that the island chain is located north of the Northern Kremisphere.

DK: Jungle Climber and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze reveal other islands in or near the DK Isles. The greatest location of this archipelago is soon revealed in games Donkey Kong '94, Donkey Kong Land and Super Mario Odyssey where is indicated in Metro Kingdom.[4][5]


Donkey Kong 64[]

"The once idyllic Kong Isle now has an unpleasant neighbor in the form of K. Rool's massive mechanical Crocodile Isle. This monstrosity towers over our homeland, with the ridiculously named Blast-o-Matic device ready to reduce it to rubble. Between them, these two contrasting islands conceal the entrances to all the levels."
Cranky Kong in the Donkey Kong 64 instruction booklet, page 29


In DK Island's Waters[]

K. Rool's Property[]

  • Crocodile Isle - The place of origin of the Kremlings.
  • Ghost Island - A large and dark island that serves as a Kremling Krew hideout.
  • Chill 'n' Char Island - A snowy island that has a large active volcano, serving as the Kremling Krew's launch area.

Free Isles[]

  • Timber Island - A racing-loving island located near Donkey Kong Island. Taj, the elephant genie, serves as its guardian.
  • Lost Island - A deserted island with ruins.
  • High High Island - A very tall and desert-like island.

Isles Dominated by Snowmads[]

  • Lost Mangroves - A faraway island with sandy shores and massive mangrove forests.
  • Autumn Heights - The place of origin of the Hootzes.
  • Bright Savannah - An island with tall grass and small, flat-topped trees.
  • Sea Breeze Cove - An atoll full of shipwrecks and underwater levels, many of which lead deep undersea.
  • Juicy Jungle - A jungle island in close proximity to DK Isle. A processing plant occupies the island.




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Title Description Composer Game

DK's Treehouse
The theme that plays in DK's Treehouse. Grant Kirkhope Donkey Kong 64

DK Isles
The main world from the game.

Jungle Japes
The first lobby from the game.

Angry Aztec
The second lobby from the game.

K. Rool's Mobile Island Fortress
The negative version this theme which plays in K. Rool's mechanical island.

Frantic Factory
The third lobby from the game.

Gloomy Galleon
The fourth lobby from the game.

Fungi Forest
The fifth lobby from the game.

Crystal Caves
The sixth lobby from the game.

Creepy Castle
The seventh lobby from the game.

Hideout Helm
The last lobby from the game.

The theme that plays in Snide's lobby.

Hideout Helm: Bonus Barrel
The theme that plays in Hideout Helm bonus game.

K. Rool Take-Off
Second part from the music.

The end credits from the game.

The theme that plays in secret ending from game.

Lagoon Promenade
The main world from the game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong Adventure

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name Meaning/Translation
French Iles DK DK Isles
German DK-Inselchen DK Isles
Japanese DKアイランド
DK Airando
DK Islands
Spanish Islas de Kong Kong Isles



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