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DK: Jungle Climber
JC Boxart
North American/Australian boxart of the game DK: Jungle Climber for DS.
Developer(s) Paon
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Main Development Staff {{{devteam}}}
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s) Japan August 9, 2007
USA September 10, 2007
Europe October 12, 2007
Australia November 15, 2007
Genre(s) Platformer, Puzzle
Ratings ESRB: ESRB E Everyone
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Media(s) DS Game Card
Input(s) DS Buttons, Touch Screen

DK: Jungle Climber, known in Japan and Europe as Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber, is a puzzle/platformer game in the Donkey Kong (series), developed by Paon and released by Nintendo on August 9, 2007 for the Nintendo DS. It's the sequel to the game DK: King of Swing.


Donkey Kong and his Kong Family go on vacation on Sun Sun Island. Soon Cranky Kong notices a giant Banana on the summit, which he tells Donkey Kong to go to it. When making it to the top, Cranky, Diddy and Donkey Kong and the primates notice King K. Rool and some Kritters going into a mysterious portal. Believing the Kremling Krew is up to no good again, Cranky asks where giant banana went. Suddenly the Kongs are attacked by a Banana Spaceship. After Donkey Kong defeats the spaceship, Xananab, an alien, comes out of the destroyed spaceship, where they apologizes to the Kongs as it thought they were Kremlings. The alien introduces himself and tells the Kongs that King K. Rool had stolen his Crystal Bananas, which the villain can use for his evil plan. Xananab also mopes that it cannot pursue the Kremlings with his spaceship destroyed. Accepting the blame for that, Donkey Kong knows that he has to retrieve the Crystal Bananas, which Xananab is thankful for as it joins the Kongs on their journey.

Some time later in the Lost Island, Donkey and Diddy Kong must recover a device, called the Spirowarp, which allows Xananab to open a wormhole for them. Going through the wormhole, they end up at the Glass Labyrinth. Exploring the place, Donkey Kong eventually stands in front of a mirror, creating a mirrored version of himself, though Diddy Kong cannot join him. A few rooms later Donkey and his image stand in front of mirrors which allows Diddy Kong venture with him again. After recovering another Spirowarp, the Kongs go back into another wormhole, returning to the island. Later, Donkey and Diddy Kong go to the Forest Ruins, and make it to the top of the island where Xananab opens a wormhole to the Toybox. There, the primates and the alien finally catch the Kremlings up. But K. Rool sends a Kritter powered by a Crystal Banana to stall the Kongs while he escapes. The Kritter absorbs toys and becomes the boss Junklomp, to whom Donkey Kong defeats and claims his first Crystal Banana.

Going back through the wormhole, the Kongs go after K. Rool and track him down at Ghost Island where they traverse through a thick fog and avoid Ghosts and in some Spooky Woods. After Donkey and Diddy Kong recover another Spirowarp, Xananab and the primates go through another wormhole. The three arrive at the Veggie Patch. After swinging across giant vegetables and fruits and recovering another Spirowarp, the Kongs jump into another wormhole and back to the island. Donkey and Diddy Kong now dive deep into a bog. After recovering another Spirowarp, the apes and Xananab go through another wormhole and arrive at the Toybox again. The Kongs recover another Spirowarp and go back through another wormhole. The Kongs and Xananab trail K. Rool at Panic Factory. King K. Rool then says he will use the Crystal Bananas to take over the world. Before sneaking away, K. Rool presents his enemy the Mega Amp, an unfinished mech piloted by another Crystal Banana-powered Kritter. The heroes still manage to win and claim the second Crystal Banana.

The group travels to a cold and hot island called Chill 'n' Char Island. They traverse through a waterfall, a bramble and a blizzard. Eventually, Donkey and Diddy Kong have to climb some icy cliffs, going through hard ice. Later and after recovering another Spirowarp, Xananab opens another wormhole to the Glass Labyrinth again. There, the Kongs recover another Spirowarp again, and return to the island through another wormhole. Next, Donkey and Diddy Kong go inside a Fiery Volcano. After quickly escaping the rising lava, they find out that K. Rool built a lair at the top of the volcano called the Kremling Dock. Going into the place, K. Rool, now enraged about the Kong's persistance, announces that he had set a trap for them. Xananab and the Kongs fall into a subterranean cave where they fight another Crystal Banana-powered Kritter. The Kremling turns into Draglinger from the picture on a stone in the background. After defeating the boss, the heroes claim their third Crystal Banana.

Then, K. Rool reveals the King Kruizer IV, his new spaceship. Using the ship and the Crystal Bananas, the villain intends to conquer the entire universe and says he will start by taking over the Planet Plantaen, Xananab's home planet to the alien's horror. The king leaves. Feeling powerless to stop K. Rool and seeing the ship fleeing, Diddy Kong suggests they quickly head at the top of High High Island to reach the ship before it flees to space. Even after climbing and reaching the top of the rocky mountain, Donkey and Diddy Kong are too late to jump on the spaceship. But Cranky Kong gives them a Booster Barrel to fly into space. By avoiding mines dropped by the ship, the Kongs eventually catch the King Kruizer IV. After invading the ship and advancing through its decks, the primates reach K. Rool, but he refuses to surrender the remaining Crystal Bananas. He sends his last Crystal Banana-powered Kritter on the heroes. The Kremling now pilots a fully functional Mega Amp. But the Kongs manage to destroy the mech once and for all, and they get another Crystal Banana. Finally, the group corners K. Rool, who is enraged about how quickly they destroyed his Mega Amp again. Now believing he has nothing to lose, K. Rool opens a wormhole to Planet Plantaen. Donkey, Diddy, Cranky Kong and Xananab give chase to him.

Donkey and Diddy Kong end up in the Glass Labyrinth for the final time. Donkey stands in front of another mirror, having to match with his mirrored counterpart again to progress. Later, Donkey and Diddy Kong go through another wormhole and end up at the Toybox again. Going across the place, they find another wormhole and go through it to the Planet Plantaen. On the planet, a wormhole opens and K. Rool appears. The lizard is soon followed by Donkey, Diddy, Cranky Kong and Xananab. Cranky realizes that King K. Rool has made it to the banana planet and that they have no choice but to fight K. Rool. After reaching K. Rool, Donkey and Diddy Kong face and defeat the villain. But K. Rool uses a last Crystal Banana to power and turn himself into a giant. By evading meteors, fireballs, mines, climate powers and giant claws, Donkey and Diddy Kong still emerge victorious and reclaim the last Crystal Banana.

Xananab thanks the Kongs for getting all the Crystal Bananas back and the saving Planet Plantaen from K. Rool's evil clutches. It offers the apes all bananas they desire. During the credits, the Kongs are shown celebrating with Xananab's compatriots, eating many bananas and putting the Crystal Bananas in their resting place. The Kongs say farewell to their good friends and Xananab uses a Banana Spaceship to take them back home. They go back to their homeworld while towing a tied K. Rool behind the spaceship. 


DK: Jungle Climber uses the same controls as its predecessor; the player using the L button to swing left and the R button to swing right. Pressing both the top buttons will cause Donkey Kong to jump, and pressing the A button does a charge jump. Also, pressing the X button allows the player to talk to NPCs. More than one Kong will be playable at once in a style similar to the Donkey Kong Country/Land series, with one Kong following the other. However, the player can split the Kongs up to solve certain puzzles.


Kong Family and Allies[]


Xananab's artwork.

  • Donkey Kong: he is the main character in the Story Mode. Opposed to the previous game, DK: King of Swing, the player loses one extra life after Donkey is hit once.
  • Diddy Kong: he is an assist character to Donkey Kong in the Story Mode. Diddy can be summoned by breaking DK Barrels. The gorilla can throw the little ape to collect items or attack enemies far away. Diddy also allows Donkey receive one more hit before the player loses one extra life. In some occasions when separated, Diddy Kong can be controlled along the main character by moving left or right, allowing to him collect or carry items. If he leaves the screen, Diddy will return automatically to Donkey Kong. The small Kong's presence is also necessary for progress by holding tools and maps to reveal paths. Diddy Kong is playable in the Multiplayer Mode.
  • Dixie Kong: she is in charge of the Extra Stages mode, where the player must complete eleven stages only with Donkey Kong. She is playable in the Multiplayer Mode.
  • Cranky Kong: he teaches everything there is to know about the game if the player prompts it during stages. Upon completing stages, Cranky also announces new features unlocked by the player.
  • Funky Kong: he is in charge of flying the Kongs to extra stages in the Story Mode if the player collects the required number of Oil Barrels. He is playable in the Multiplayer Mode.
  • Candy Kong: she is in charge of Challenge Mode, where is possible to unlock and play minigames in four difficulty levels.
  • Wrinkly Kong: she returns as a ghost. Wrinkly is not an unlockable and playable character like in the previous game.
  • Xananab: he is an alien from the Planet Plantaen that helps the Kongs throughout the events of the game by using alien technology and giving advice about the areas beyond the wormholes. In most of encounters with Xananab during stages, the Kongs must recover Spirowarps to allow the alien to open the wormholes.



Flitter's artwork.



  • Bananas: collecting 100 will grant one extra life. They come in different sizes of bunches, with small Banana Bunches containing five bananas, and big ones having ten.

K-O-N-G Letters.

  • K-O-N-G Letters: similar to the original Donkey Kong Country games, collecting all four letters during a stage grants one extra life.
  • DK Coins: are collected to unlock some cheats. There is one in each stage, meaning there is a total of forty-one coins in the entire game.
  • Banana Coins: can unlock stages in the Extra Stages mode. There are five coins in each stage and a total of 140 coins in the entire game.
  • Jewels: collecting 100 of them will cause a Crystal Star to appear on the touch screen.
  • Crystal Star: will grant invincibility and allow the Kongs to fly for eight seconds.
  • Spirowarps: alien technology used for travel through wormholes. In some stages, the Kongs must recover theses devices for Xananab to able open the wormholes.


  • Hammers: will grant temporary destructive ability around Donkey Kong, and they break Wooden Crates, stone blocks and steel kegs, and collect items. However, the hammers not allow Donkey to attack during their use, and because they can only be swinged by Diddy Kong, the little Kong must be also present with the gorilla to grab and activate the hammers.
  • Wings: they will grant temporary flying ability by tapping the "L" and "R" buttons only when partnering with Diddy Kong. But it is impossible to attack while flying.
  • Torches: can be used temporarily to melt ice, but only when Diddy Kong is present.
  • Map: Only found in Spooky Woods, the map allows Donkey Kong to see invisible climbable platforms, pegs and collectables. However, Diddy Kong cannot be used, as he is holding the map.


  • Wooden Barrels: contain items or can be used as platforms in the game. These barrels cannot be throw at enemies like in other games.
  • Steel Kegs: also contain items, but cannot be destroyed by normal attacks.
  • DK Barrels: used to summon Diddy Kong as an assist character.
  • Autofire Barrels: shoot the Kongs at pre-determined directions automatically.
  • Rotatable Barrels: possess similar purpose from the Donkey Kong Country games, allowing the player to aim the Kongs’ trajectory.

TNT Barrel's artwork.

  • TNT Barrels: blow obstacles nearby after they explode. However, these barrels do not harm the Kongs.
  • Bonus Barrels: used to access Bonus Stages in stages, and play minigames to win extra lives.
  • Booster Barrels: are similar to Rocket Barrels, but they allow the primates to fly and steer at any direction.
  • ? Barrels: reveal hidden panels after they are destroyed, allowing the Kongs to climb and progress.
  • Oil Barrels: used in Funky Kong's Airplane to access a small version of the current island, an extra stage. The stage only can be unlocked after collecting all of Oil Barrels in the island.


Several minigames appear in this game. During stages, they are present as Bonus Stages to win extra lives. The minigames can also be unlocked and accessed in the Challenge mode, including four difficulty levels.

Worlds and Stages[]

DKJC - Isles

The five main islands in DK: Jungle Climber.

Sun Sun Island[]

250px-DKJC SunSunIsland

Sun Sun Island's overworld map view.

Lost Island[]

Lost Island

Lost Island's overworld map view.

Ghost Island[]

250px-Ghost Island

Ghost Island's overworld map view.

Chill 'n' Char Island[]

250px-Chill 'n' Char Island

Chill 'n' Char Island's overworld map view.

High High Island[]

DK Jungle Climber High High Island Map Overview

High High Island's overworld map view.


DKJC - Wormhole




Game Screens[]

Kong Family[]




Original Soundtrack[]


Donkey kong jungle climber ost

donkey kong jungle climber music


  • It's the latest Donkey Kong Series game to feature King K. Rool and the Kremlings as the main villains.