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DK's Stone Statue

DK's Stone Statue is a board found in Mario Party DS. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong host the board, which was taken by Dry Bones in the story mode.


The board resembles DK's Treetop Temple from Mario Party 8. The star is always located on the third floor of the stage in the second to last space (because the last one is a Bowser Space). The player can buy multiple number of stars, similar to Faire Square from Mario Party 6.

Also, there are two ? Spaces on each log that DK is holding up. They make a barrel come crashing down onto the log, and any player who is currently on the log loses 10 coins. There is also a bee hive in which the player can collect many coins from the bees.

Story Mode[]

In story mode, the player finds Diddy Kong very troubled, when they find out what the trouble was, Diddy tells them that Dry Bones turned DK into a statue. The player must play against Dry Bones in the Hexoskeleton mini-game, to revert DK back to his normal state. If player wins, the player will gain a third Sky Crystal and will be able to go to Kamek's Library.