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DK's Jungle Adventure is Donkey Kong's board in the first Mario Party. Players are required to collect Stars in order to locate the mysterious treasure that is locked away in the jungle's ancient ruins. 4 Whomps are guarding the junctions, and players who wish to take the path that a Whomp is blocking must first pay the Whomp 10 coins. Players that choose to take the path that the Whomp is not guarding causes the Whomp to start blocking that pathway instead. Landing on a ? Space triggers a rolling boulder which in turn chases down any players standing in its way all the way to the path near the start of the baord. If a player happens to meet Bowser on this board, they are awarded a totally useless Golden Bowser Statuette and are forced to pay Bowser 10 coins.

At the end of the game, the winning player's stars join together to form a large star that flies over to the stone chest located at the upper-left hand corner of the board. The star acts as a key, opening the chest, and revealing the ancient treasure: a Golden Banana Bunch. The winning player is rewarded with the bananas, while the players in 2nd and 3rd place, in addition to Toad, Koopa, Boo, a Whomp, and the large star all accompany him/her in the winner's circle. The player that comes in 4th place is shown being chased down the board by the rolling boulder.

More than likely it is based off the Donkey Kong Jungle.

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