Crosshair Cranky.

Crosshair Cranky is a minigame exclusive to the Game Boy Color remake of Donkey Kong Country. Crosshair Cranky, as the name suggests, is run by Cranky Kong.


  • Kremlings and Kongs: A fairly basic mode where players must avoid hitting Kongs and concentrate on Kremlings.
  • Barrel o' Kremlings: Kremlings will randomly pop out of barrels and must be shot. Missing too many ends the game.
  • Kremling Krackdown: Simply shoot all Kremlings.
  • Buddies Beware: In this game, a group of Gnawties chase Expresso, Rambi, and Winky around three levels. The player must fire coconuts into the holes so they do not fall in them. The level progressively gets faster as you save more.
  • Wanted: The final game has the screen go suddenly dark and then have a Kremling appear. Players must shoot them and protect the bananas for as long as possible. Naturally, losing too many ends the game. This game supports two player co-op.
  • Galleon Gunner