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The minigame Kremlings and Kongs of the Crosshair Cranky as seen in the game Donkey Kong Country for GBC.

Crosshair Cranky is a free shooting minigame exclusive to the Game Boy Color version of the game Donkey Kong Country.


During the minigame, the player must control a cursor and shoot at preset targets, such as enemies, in order to defeat them, while also avoiding to hit Kongs in the process, or create paths for Animal Buddies to traverse the environments. Crosshair Cranky, as the name suggests is probably run by Cranky Kong. The minigame can only be accessed in the Bonus menu at the mode selection screen.

After accessing the Crosshair Cranky option in the Bonus menu, Donkey Kong will appear in the overworld map of the Donkey Kong Island. The first minigame can be reached by going left of the initial location. Similar to how stages are unlocked during the Adventure mode of the game, clearing a minigame once opens the location of the next one. During each minigame, it is possible for the player to leave the current mode by pausing the game and picking the option "QUIT". If the player fails in any minigame, they will be sent back to the mode selection screen of the game. Completing all six minigames unlocks the Make Banner option in the Print menu.

  • Kremlings and Kongs: The player must shoot at fifty Kremlings while avoiding hitting Donkey and Diddy Kong. The enemies and heroes will appear at the screen by falling over one of the eight banana bunches arranged in a circle. If the player takes too long to shoot a Kremling, it leaves the screen. Both primates also leave by jumping out of the screen eventually.
  • Barrel O' Kremlings: The player must shoot at one hundred of Kremlings that will randomly pop out of barrels. There are eight barrels placed in a circle. If the player misses too many targets, the minigame session ends immediately. Green Kritters are worth one hit, blue ones are worth two hits, and red/orange ones are worth five hits.
  • Kremling Krackdown: The player must shoot at seventy Kremlings. The enemies also appear over a circle of banana bunches, and if the player takes too long to shoot them down, they will steal the bananas. The session ends immediately after all banana bunches are stolen.
  • Buddies Beware: The player must shoot coconuts at holes in order to provide a safe path for twenty-five animal buddies. Big Gnawties will chase Rambi the Rhinoceros, Expresso the Ostrich and Winky the Frog around three horizontal paths. Each path presents two holes. By the player firing coconuts into the holes, the animal buddies will not fall into them. The animal buddies will first appear at the upper path of the screen, and move across all three paths, leaving at the one of the bottom. Each animal buddy is considered safe only after finally leaving the screen at the bottom path. If an animal buddy falls into a hole, they will reappear at the beginning of the current path. The minigame eventually gets faster as it continues on, forcing the player to manage helping two animal buddies at the same screen per time.
  • Wanted: The player must shoot at seventy Kremlings displaying specific colors and appearing from a circle of eight barrels. During multiple points of the minigame, the screen will go suddenly dim and then a Kremling will appear. After that, the screen will return to normal, and the player must shoot at the Kritters sporting the same color of the one seen at the previous dim screen. Later on, two or three Kritters will appear at the dim screens, forcing the player to shoot at two or three targets per time. If the player shoots at Kritters sporting different colors from the previous dim screen or loses too many targets, the current session ends earlier. In the Bonus menu, two players can play this minigame at the same time.
  • Galleon Gunner: The player must shoot at six cannons in the Gangplank Galleon for thirty-six times, before any of them fires at the screen. When a cannon is just about to shoot, it displays a shining effect. By the player shooting at it, the cannon will not fire. If a cannon is able to shoot at the screen, the minigame session will end once. King K. Rool can be seen on the ship, walking back and forward over the pairs of cannons. His movements do not indicate necessarily which cannon will fire next. By the end of the minigame, the cannons will start to break down, and they will not be able to fire anymore.


  • In the Game Boy Color version of the game Donkey Kong Country, the Crosshair Cranky minigames add new small islands to the overworld map of the Donkey Kong Island. Despite they being accessible only during the said minigame, these locations are still partially visible in the island map during the Adventure mode of the game. These islands are not present in the overworld map of the Donkey Kong Island of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy Advance versions of the same game.