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Act 1[]

The screen shown the White Mountains, then it quickly cuts to Cranky's Cabin, where Cranky is fast asleep and there are cannonball noises happening

Cranky: Aaaah! No way, not again, that's it, this has got to stop! Alright Eddie ya mean old yeti, time for an attitude adjustment. (looking for instruction manuals) Should be something in Mr. Bongo's guide to curses, potions and spells. Ahah! This shall do the trick. First make the stock, two quarts of swamp gunk, strange, 3 tea spoons of toad mold, one doll-ups for foot fungus, make that five doll-ups. And one cherry and.. now for the secret ingredient. (reading instruction manual) Caution, do not add the secret ingredient, until ready to use. Give it a work on me then it's sure to work on mean old Eddie

At Funky's Flights

Funky: (groans) Oh, the sand burns. I need a walk in the throne zone dude

Diddy: (groans) I bet

Donkey Kong: Sapped!

Funky: Hoot!

Diddy: Whipped!

Funky: Thrashed!

Donkey Kong: Grown tired

Funky: What's up with the dude Donkey Kong?