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ExitIsNearSign Coral Capers ExitSign
Donkey and Diddy swimming.
World(s) Kongo Jungle
Type Underwater
Music Theme(s) Aquatic Ambiance
Animal Buddies Enguarde

Notable Feature(s) First appearance of Enguarde.
Enemies Encountered Bitesizes, Croctopuses, Chomps Jr., Chomps and Clambos
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Coral Capers is the fourth stage found in Kongo Jungle and Donkey Kong Country. It comes after Reptile Rumble and before Barrel Cannon Canyon.


This stage is the first underwater stage. It also features Enguarde, who helps out Donkey and Diddy throughout the stage. All of the aquatic enemies aside from Squidges are featured in this stage as well. Throughout the stage, hidden areas are plenty, often housing a large amount of bananas or Animal Tokens. These hidden areas are found by swimming through fake parts of the coral walls. There are twelve Bitesizes, four Croctopi, two Chomps, two Chomps Jr. and a lone Clambo, all of whom are introduced in this stage.


Coral Capers begins with a couple Bitsizes swimming toward the Kongs. Simply swim around them to avoid them. Keep swimming up in the long, vertical section after the Bitsizes to find the Letter "K." After collecting it, continue to find the first Croctopus. As it begins to spin and swim, swim behind it until a single banana can be seen at the bottom of its path. This is the first secret area. Collect the banana and swim downwards to find many, many bananas and a single banana bunch. Once they are collected, swim back up and continue forward, being careful to avoid the Croctopus, which is constantly probing the area. Next, swim down under the arrow of bananas to find Enguarde. Swim up with him to reach the second Croctopus. As soon as the Croctopus spins up and swims, go right and up to find a red Extra Life Balloon. Quickly collect it, then swim down, avoiding the approaching Croctopus. Swim to the left-hand corner to escape the incoming Croctopus and find another DK Barrel. Continue forward, using Enguarde to bash the Bitsizes away. The Star Barrel can be seen now.

Above the Star Barrel are a couple collectibles, including the Letter "O"; be careful of the Chomps Jr., however. If Enguarde gets hit, he will quickly swim away, and the Kongs will have to chase him to ride him again. Follow the arrow of bananas downwards to find another Croctopus. If the Kongs lost Enguarde, they can find him again at the bottom right-hand corner of the Croctopus's path. Continue left to escape the Croctopus. After another Chomps Jr., swim up to find two Chomps. As they swim back and forth, swim to their right to find another secret area containing some bananas and an Expresso token. Swim left to exit the secret area, but be weary of one of the Chomps stil swimming back and forth. Next, swim up, similar to the Letter "K," to find the Letter "N." Swim back down and right once it is collected. The next area contains many Bitsizes swimming toward the Kongs. With Enguarde, it is easy to bash them away with his sword-like bill. After the Bitsizes, there is a Clambo releasing pearls to the northwest and northeast directions. Dodge them to continue. As the stage nears its end, one final Croctopus swims in a "figure-8" pattern around the Letter "G." Snag the "G," being watchful of the Croctopus's swim pattern.

Important collectibles[]

Visual Exclusivity Description
StickerPadVisual.png Gameboy Color-only StickerPadDescription
Photograph1Visual.png Gameboy Advance-only The Photograph for this stage can be found near the end. The Kongs must swim directly under the Letter "G" downwards into an area with a Photograph. This Photograph is an image of Donkey and Diddy swimming underwater with a Croctopus and Chomps.

Animal Buddies[]

Visual Description
1-4(Enguarde1) Enguarde's first appearance is after the first Croctopus, and is indicated by the strip of bananas shaped like a downwards arrow.
1-4(Enguarde2) Enguarde's second appearance is shortly after the Star Barrel. He is at the bottom-right of the square-shaped area below.

Helpful collectibles[]

K-O-N-G Letters[]

Visual Description
1-4(K) The Letter "K" is shortly after the Bitesizes at the beginning of the stage. Keep swimming up in the long, vertical section to find it.
1-4(O) The Letter "O is being guarded by a Chomps Jr. above the Star Barrel.
1-4(N) The Letter "N" is after the two Chomps. Similar to finding the "K," keep swimming up in the vertical section to find it.
1-4(G) The Letter "G" is close to the end of the stage. It is guarded by a Croctopus swimming in a figure-8 around some coral. It is in the middle of the figure-8.

Extra Life Balloons[]

Color Visual Description
Red 1-4(RedBalloon) The red Extra Life Balloon can be found after Enguarde's first appearance. After finding Enguarde, swim up to a square-shaped area with a Croctopus. Instead of swimming left to avoid the Croctopus, swim right and up to find the balloon, but be quick to avoid the incoming Croctopus.

Animal Tokens[]

Animal Buddy Visual Description
Expresso 1-4(ExpressoToken) An Expresso token is in a secret area to the right of the two Chomps, following Enguarde's second appearance. Simply swim to the right of the Chomps to find the secret area and the token.


Special Barrels[]

Type Visual Description
Star Barrel 1-4(StarBarrel) The Star Barrel is after the second Croctopus, past two Bitesizes. A Chomps Jr. is also swimming above the Star Barrel.
Warp Barrel WarpBarrelVisual.png
This Warp Barrel is GBA-exclusive.
This stage's Warp Barrel can be found by going into a hidden area below the first Croctopus. The Warp Barrel is located to the right of the lower right corner.

DK Barrels[]

Visual Description
1-4(DKBarrel1) The first DK Barrel can be found to the right of the very start of the stage, in plain sight.
1-4(DKBarrel2) The second DK Barrel is in a path to the left of the second Croctopus.
1-4(DKBarrel3) The third DK Barrel is to the left of the third Croctopus and Enguarde's second appearance.


Item count[]

Item Count
Banana Single Banana BananaCount
Banana Bunch Banana Bunch BananaBunchCount


Super Nintendo Entertainment System[]



Game Boy Advance[]


  • This is the only level in Kongo Jungle where the enemies of this level can be found.

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