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Cloud is the ninth (and last) world of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D with 9 levels. After the game is beaten and eight Rare Orbs are collected from the game's secret temple levels, the Cloud Gateway (which replaces the first part of the Golden Temple in the Wii version, and is indeed called by this name before all the Rare Orbs are collected) can be used to enter this secret world. The second part of the Golden Temple, labeled "9-9 Golden Temple" is the only level in this world that was not added in the 3DS version of the game; in the original, Golden Temple was the ninth world in itself and was accessed directly from the Cloud Gateway, which was labeled as "9-1 Golden Temple". Except for Golden Temple, none of the levels in this world are actually set in the clouds. Instead, each level represents all the other worlds, in order. Unlike the previous worlds, this world has no boss.