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ExitIsNearSign Clifftop Critters ExitSign
World(s) Tin Can Valley
Type Mountains
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Enemies Encountered Buzzes, Sneeks, Krumples, Kobbles, Bristles, Re-Koils, Knockas, Klasps
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land III

Clifftop Critters (クリフトップ クリターズ Kurifutoppu Kuritāzu in Japan) is the twenty sixth stage in Donkey Kong Land III and the second stage in Tin Can Valley. It comes after Tropical Tightropes and before Rickety Rapids.

This stage is also featured in the Time Attack mode in this game. It is called "Cliff" in the mode for reasons unknown. It's default time high score is 1:20:00.


In this stage, Dixie or Kiddy Kong have to go down the mountain to complete it. This stage also features numerous tightropes with Klasps on it. The tightropes are used for the Kongs to go lower in the stage. Besides Klasps, Buzzes, Sneeks, Krumples, Kobbles, Bristles, Re-Koils and Knockas also make an appearance. Many of these enemies appear in the stage, making it more tricky in a certain way.

Collectibles and secrets[]


  • DK Coin: Beneath the third rope in the stage on the left, there is a Steel Keg. The monkeys must throw the barrel on the wall on the opposite side of which the Koin is facing. Once defeated, they are awarded with the Steel Keg.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Right after a group of the first two Krumples in the stage.
    • O: After the Kobble after the K, down two ropes and little more ahead.
    • N: In an alcove above a long piece of rope before the three long ropes with Klasps on them.
    • G: Directly after the long piece of ropes with Klasps on them, very close to the entire bottom of the stage.

Special Barrels[]

Bonus Stages[]

  • After the stage's second rope, the monkeys must go left, defeat some enemies and shortly after, go down another rope to find the Bonus Barrel allowing them to access the bonus area. In this area, Dixie and Kiddy must shoot through a Rotatable Barrel to collect stars. Once all of the stars are collected, they are awarded with a Bonus Coin in the bottom center of the stage.
  • After the letter G, Dixie and Kiddy must climb up a steep hil on the left until finding a Bonus Area at the end in a small alcove. In this area, the monkeys must jump onto a few platforms while going on until finding a giant rope. They must avoid Kopters along the way until finding the Bonus Coin all the way on the top-right of the area.