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Map Cliff Map
Boss(es) Thugly
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)

Cliff is the sixth world of Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D with nine levels. It has a prehistoric appearance, with dinosaur skeletons, ancient caveman technology and huge eggs.

The boss here is Thugly: a dinosaur-like potential relative to Mugly with a fiery temper and even hotter breath. The boss Tiki here is Xylobone.


The Cliff is an ancient giant mountain, with a desert-like atmosphere, that has been partially reconstructed by wood planks. The Cliff has a majority of fossils and skeletons. The minuscule of them are undead and ferocious or partially alive. The rocky terrain is abnormally frail due to its prehistoric age, and in some parts, it has been reconstructed with wood infrastructure, which is not much of an improvement. These planks don’t have the supportability and required tension to support Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong’s weight.

Adjacent worlds

Backwards: Forest

Forwards: Factory



  • It's unknown why the skeletons of many ancient fossilized creatures have been resurrected, but it could have been a spell done to them by the Tiki Tak Tribe, However, this is only a theory and not initially speculated to be correct.
  • In the level Boulder Roller, you can see a Squiddicus fossil with some preihistoric fossilized fish near the said area. This speculation proves this Cliff was originally submerged, but was evaporated by the heat. in order to prove that this theory is correct, the requirement is gaining in-game lore from the developers at Retro Studios.
  • coincidentally, in the game New Super Mario Bros Wii, the sixth world is based on a mountain world, which could have been the inspiration for this area of Donkey Kong Island.
  • Despite having a strong presence of undead fossils, the boss is not an undead prehistoric animal.



Donkey Kong Country Returns OST - World Map ~ Cliff

Donkey Kong Country Returns OST - World Map ~ Cliff

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