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Chunky Kong
Chunky Kong's artwork from the game Donkey Kong 64 for Nintendo 64.

Residence(s) Donkey Kong Island
Family Kiddy Kong (younger brother),
Dixie Kong (younger cousin),
Tiny Kong (younger cousin)
Species Kong
Sub-Species Gorilla[citation needed]
Gender Male

Powers/Abilities Immense strength,
Size Manipulation,
Pineapple Launcher,
Triangle Trample
Enemies Kremling Krew,
King K. Rool
Game(s) Donkey Kong 64,
Donkey Kong Country 3 (for GBA) (cameo),
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (cameo),
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (cameo)
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
Latest Appearance The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)
Voice Actor/Actress Chris Sutherland, Jimmy MacDonald (Crying, archived)

Chunky Kong is a character from the game Donkey Kong 64 for Nintendo 64. As stated by the song in the game opening cutscene, the DK Rap, he is the biggest and strongest member of the Kong Family after Donkey Kong.

Chunky Kong is the older brother of Kiddy Kong, also making him Dixie's and Tiny's cousin.

In Donkey Kong 64, he (like Donkey Kong) speaks in third person since he does not seem very bright. He also does not seem to favor fighting unless he has to protect others. Chunky Kong enjoys wrestling, butterflies, ballet, and playing the triangle.

His first appearance (along with Lanky and Tiny Kong) as a playable character was in Donkey Kong 64, specifically being the fifth and therefore last unlockable Kong. His voice in Donkey Kong 64 was provided by Chris Sutherland.


Quest for the Golden Bananas

Chunky Free Now

Chunky is freed from his cage thanks to Lanky.

In the game Donkey Kong 64, Chunky Kong is one of the Kongs captured by the Kremling Krew at the start of the game. Chunky is found in the Frantic Factory, and can only be rescued by Lanky Kong. Once Chunky is free, he can collect green bananas, green Banana Coins and green Blueprints.

Chunky Kong fights the boss of the Fungi Forest, which is a rematch with Dogadon. When he defeats the boss, Chunky gains one of the keys to K. Lumsy's cage. In Fungi Forest, he has to go through a Mine Cart ride in the well and collect at least fifty coins to get a Golden Banana, while having to open gates with green bells, and jump over trees and pillars.

During the final battle against King K. Rool, Chunky is the final Kong to go up against the Kremling King. At the start of the fight, K. Rool will turn invisible and Chunky has to use the Chunky pad to turn invisible and see the Chunky Barrel in the middle. Chunky then turns into a giant and is able to knock K. Rool against the opposite corner as he charges for him by using good timing. Eventually, K. Rool is knocked out by Chunky. He celebrates his victory as K. Rool gets up with the intent of attacking Chunky before being distracted by Candy Kong and shot with a bazooka by Funky Kong.

Chunky is last seen playing with Tiny by tossing her into the air, until he throws her too far up onto a mountain cliff. He finally notices that she disappeared and sees her angrily glaring at him, at which he shrugs.

Throughout the game, Chunky gains a variety of bizarre abilities from drinking Cranky Kong's various potions, buying weapon and musical instrument from Funky and Candy Kong, respectively. His first individual ability is Hunky Chunky, while the second is Primate Punch, and the third one is Gorilla Gone. Chunky Kong's weapon is the Pineapple Shooter. His instrument is the triangle, and with this, he can use the Triangle Trample. Aside from this, he can learn Simian Slam, Super Simian Slam, and Super Duper Simian Slam, which all Kongs use. He is also the only Kong who can lift boulders.

Other Appearances

Donkey Kong Country 3 for GBA

DKC3 Protect Challenge

Chunky making his return (and only appearance after Donkey Kong 64) in his series in the Donkey Kong Country 3 remake.

Chunky appears as a retroactive cameo in one of challenge minigames at the Funky's Rentals in the Game Boy Advance version of the game Donkey Kong Country 3. Here, he is one of the Kongs that appear in the water and have to be protected from being taken away by boats with Kremlings on them.

Super Smash Bros. series

Chunky Kong appears as a sticker in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Nintendo Wii. It could only be used by Donkey and Diddy Kong.

In the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch, Chunky Kong is present as a spirit.

"Donkey Kong in When the Banana Splits" comic

In the comic "Donkey Kong in When the Banana Splits", Chunky helps the other Kongs track down King K. Rool when he steals the Golden Bananas. Chunky is the first one to attack the Kremlings, leading to a large battle between them and all of the Kongs. Chunky and his companions eventually emerge victorious, and return home with the Golden Bananas.

"The Super Mario Bros. Movie"

Chunky Kong makes his first significant appearance in decades in the Super Mario Bros. Movie, watching Mario fight DK. Unlike DK64, Donkey Kong does more chest pounding than Chunky does.


Donkey Kong 64 Game Manuals

"Let me guess, this one's the big guy? Sheesh, I don't know how they come up with these names. Anyway, he's Kiddy's older brother and lists crushing, smashing and pounding Kremlings as his hobbies. Hey, perhaps there is a glimmer of hope for these bums after all. I bet he's really slow though."
—Cranky Kong in the Donkey Kong 64 Instruction Booklet, page 7[1]
"He's big. He's bad. He plays the triangle. Chunky is something of a primate paradox: brutal when the situation demands it, yet almost meek at other times. He's also not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so he'll need all help you can give him. If there's heavy lifting to be done, however, Chunky is the monkey to see."
Donkey Kong 64 Player's Guide, page 5[2]

German Donkey Kong 64 Website

German DK64 Website Chunky Kong Description

Chunky Kong's description from official German Donkey Kong 64 website.


"Although Chunky is still young in years, he is nevertheless almost as strong as Donkey. The well-mannered giant gorilla is, in the truest sense of the world, a great guy and sticks to Lanky, his uncle once-removed, like a leach. Chunky is crazy about toys and sees the Kremlings also as giant play figures whom one can give a good beating.
The giant ape, who is always in good mood, feels most comfortable in company, especially when he can take part in a tournament of the best wrestlers.
Everyone wonders why Chunky, who is actually pretty clumsy, always wins the tournaments. Lanky says it's because he beams at his opponents and throws them off their guard in this way.
Chunky has not been spared from being taken prisoner, either, and the solitude is especially hard for him to take.
Hopefully his friends will be at hand soon...

Powers and Abilities

Chunky Kong's abilities from Donkey Kong 64:

  • From Cranky Kong's potions:
    • Simian Slam: he can press green buttons with his face on them.
    • Super Simian Slam: he can press blue buttons with his face on them.
    • Super Duper Simian Slam: he can press red buttons with his face on them.
    • Primate Punch: with this ability, he can perform a powerful punch that is capable of breaking doors among other stuff.
    • Hunky Chunky: with the help of Crystal Coconuts he can turn into a giant and pick up large objects, as well as hit large switches. He can also climb on the thick palm trees that are normally unclimbable.
    • Gorilla Gone: with the help of his Kong Pad he can turn invisible and see invisible things.
  • From Funky Kong:
  • From Candy Kong:
    • Triangle Trample: he uses a triangle which can defeat almost every enemy and could also make special things happen is he used it on a Music Pad.


  • Donkey Kong 64
    • Trapped
      • "H-HELP ME! CHUNKY D-DOESN'T LIKE HEIGHTS!" (after entering the level Frantic Factory for the first time)
    • Freed

Game Appearances



  • In the game Donkey Kong Country 2, during the first quiz, Lockjaw's Loot, of Swanky Kong's Bonus Bonanza in the world Gloomy Gulch, one of the choices for answers to the question "What is the name of the trendy, surfing Kong, who operates his barrel flights?" is "Chunky".
  • In the opening cutscene of the game Donkey Kong 64, during the beginning of the DK Rap, Chunky Kong briefly wears a disco outfit with shiny pink gloves (see Gallery section above).
  • Chunky Kong is the only Kong to be imprisoned inside a cage during the game Donkey Kong 64, while all other Kongs (besides DK) are imprisoned inside jail cells.
  • Unlike the other Kongs in the game Donkey Kong 64, when highlighted in the Tag Barrel, Chunky will try to dissuade the player from choosing him, even going as far as to suggest that the player choose Tiny Kong instead (this will happen even when Tiny has not been rescued), and he will breathe a sigh of relief if passed over. Curiously, he will still try to catch the player's attention when not highlighted.
  • In the game Donkey Kong 64, when Chunky lands hard on the ground after falling several feet (and losing one melon slice of health), and he first gets up, his torso and limbs comically shrink until he inflates those body parts back to their actual sizes.
  • Chunky Kong's whimpering at the start of the boss battle against Dogadon, in the level Fungi Forest of the game Donkey Kong 64, is probably inspired by Pluto the Pup[3]'s crying in the animated short "A Gentleman's Gentleman"[4], produced by Disney[5] in 1941.
    • In fact, the audio of Chunky's whimpering is taken from "A Gentleman's Gentleman".
  • According to the Ring Announcer during the final boss battle of the game Donkey Kong 64, Chunky Kong (in his normal form) weighs 2000 pounds (or around 907.1847 kilograms).[6] It is unknown how much he weighs in his giant form.
  • Chunky is the only Kong from the game Donkey Kong 64 to not appear in the game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast for Nintendo Wii. His pineapple launcher, however, was included.
  • Chunky is one of three Kongs who have not has made any physical appearances in games not developed by Rare, the others being Kiddy Kong and Swanky Kong.
  • Even if Chunky Kong is considered the biggest and strongest member of the Kong Family, it can argue that the latter is only true in the game Donkey Kong 64, because, in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Donkey and/or Diddy Kong would later punch/headbutt the moon out of orbit.
  • Chunky Kong in video games and other media has showcased many feats.[7]