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Chomps Jr.
Artwork of a Chomps Jr. from Donkey Kong Country.
Homeland Donkey Kong Island
Origin of Species Chomps

Game(s) Donkey Kong Country (for SNES/GBA)
Donkey Kong Land

Chomps Jr. are small shark-like fish enemies which are common in underwater levels in Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Land. They are smaller, quicker variants of Chomps.

Their stripes suggest that they may be inspired by tiger sharks. The stripes of juvenile tiger sharks are darker than those of adult tiger sharks, as is the case with Chomps Jr. and Chomps.


Donkey Kong Country[]

Despite being called Chomps Jr. and appearing smaller, they are just as threatening as a regular Chomp; coming in contact with one will defeat a Kong, or frighten Enguarde away if a Kong is riding him. Additionally, they are faster than their grown counterparts. They can be defeated by a stab from Enguarde's sharp bill.

Chomps Jr. is also a part of a short, humorous section in Donkey Kong Country's ending credits, where a Chomps Jr. would chase a Squidge around DK's Treehouse hoping to eat it, but later flee from an angry group of four Squidges chasing it back.


Chomps Jr., along with Chomps, appear in a trailer for the canceled game Donkey Kong Racing. This trailer cameo possibly suggested Chomps Jr., along with Chomps, may have been rideable in the game.