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A stationary Chompasaurus

The Chompasaurus is an enemy from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

They appear in most Juicy Jungle levels, and are a very hard enemy that requires strategic planning to defeat.


the Chompasaurus is a plant enemy. It has vines protruding from its lower body, along with a green color all over its body. It has no eyes, but has a large mouth with a tongue that can extend to over 4 meters. They can be seen in the background of Reckless Ride, where they appear to be rather hostile to even the Snowmads. They also have large, canine teeth. Another aspect are the purple dots marked all over their bodies, clarifying their camouflage.


  • They could be related to the Chomp species from Donkey Kong Country Returns, judging by their similar actions and their physical attributes.