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Map Chimp Caverns Map
Chimp Caverns
The world map of Chimp Caverns as seen in the game Donkey Kong Country for GBA.
Number of Stages 6 (in the SFC/SNES and GBA versions)
7 (in the GBC version)
Boss(es) Master Necky Snr. (and Master Necky in the GBA version)
Greater Location Donkey Kong Island
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country (for SFC/SNES) (1994)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country (for GBA) (2003)
Adjacent World(s) << Donkey Kong Country >>

Chimp Caverns is the sixth world of the Donkey Kong Island in the game Donkey Kong Country. The location is a humongous cavern filled with some mines and walkways. In the Game Boy Advance version of the game, the same area has a volcanic appearance and Mine Carts on rails can be seen in the background. In the Super Family Computer/Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy Color versions, the boss of this world is Master Necky Snr. However, in the GBA version, Master Necky also becomes a boss here.

Adjacent Worlds[]


Tanked Up Trouble[]

The first stage of Chimp Caverns is a walkway. Similar to a previous stage in the game, two small, automatic platforms must be used by the Kongs to traverse most of location. However, despite the player having no control over these platforms, they consume fuel as they move. Five lateral lights display the current quantity of fuel. Throughout the stage, the fuel supply must be refilled by the primates collecting at least most of the Fuel Barrels in the area. At some points, the heroes must abandon the platforms temporarily in order to reach these barrels located away from them, while also avoiding enemies on the way. Neckies, regular Kritters, Zingers and Gnawties are enemies in the stage.

Manic Mincers[]

It is a cave stage. The main obstacles here are Mincers. Most of them spin at the same place, but others will move around at regular patterns, requiring good timing when jumping in order to the Kongs to avoid contact with them, specially above pits. Early into the stage, Rambi the Rhinoceros can be found inside an Animal Crate, however, the Animal Buddy can also be harmed by the Mincers. The only enemies found here are Gnawties and regular Krushas.

Misty Mine[]

As per the name, Misty Mine takes places inside a mine. Across the stage, there are many Oil Drums, with each of them summoning an unlimited number of the same enemy types at regular intervals. After the primates approaching and stepping on some of these drums floating in the air, they can be used as safe platforms. And some TNT Barrels can be throw at the Oil Drums in order to destroy them and reach some collectables. Traversal over wide pits is made by the heroes climbing on moving, vertical ropes. An Animal Crate containing Expresso the Ostrich is located at the end of the first Bonus Room of the stage. Enemies being summoned by Oil Drums inside the location are Slippas, Gnawties, Klaptraps and Armies.

Necky Nutmare[]

Stage exclusive to the Game Boy Color version of the game Donkey Kong Country.
This additional cave stage contains many Neckies and Mini-Neckies as enemies. At some points, Neckies sitting on high places will throw three coconuts around at regular intervals. When moving across small passages or crawling through crevices, the Kongs must avoid nuts spitten by Mini-Neckies located at the other side. In the GBC version of the game, the stage is the first one to feature stronger variants of Krushas. They are also immune against Donkey Kong's jump attacks, and they can be defeated only by the primates throwing single barrels at them. Some Oil Drums and Armies are also found here.

Loopy Lights[]

It is the second mine stage of this world, and the final one of the same type in the game. After a few seconds, the lights in the location will go off, making the screen very dim. By touching On & Off Barrels located through the stage, the primates will turn on the lights again temporarily. The effects of some of these barrels will last longer. The stage features unique variants of Klaptraps capable of walking forward and jumping. They will jump as soon as the player presses the "Jump" button. There are also some bouncing Tires to reach On & Off Barrels in high places or move over pits. Other enemies present in the stage are leaping Kritters, Zingers and some Manky Kongs.

Platform Perils[]

Platform Perils is the last regular stage of Chimp Caverns, as well as the last regular stage in the game. In the SFC/SNES and GBA versions, this walkway stage is the only one where the stronger variants of Krushas can be found, being defeated here only by the heroes throwing single Vine Barrels at them. The progress over pits is made by using arrow platforms. Soon after the Kongs stepping on them, these small platforms will move towards the single directions of the white arrows on them. The arrow platforms will fall off at the end of their short courses, usually, after reaching the location of the next ones which the primates must jump towards at. Some of these platforms are occupied by enemies, including stronger Krushas, which the heroes must defeat first in order to ride the arrow platforms. Armies, Klumps, Zingers and Gnawties are also common enemies in this stage.

Necky's Revenge[]

This boss stage is also located nearby hoards of bananas, just like all the previous ones. Here, Donkey and Diddy Kong must face the boss Master Necky Snr., another giant vulture. In the SFC/SNES and GBC versions of the game, he will randomly reveal his head at the right or left side of the arena and at different heights. Master Necky Snr. will attack by spitting coconuts at the Kongs. The boss will become vulnerable only between finishing his current attack and before leaving the screen, allowing the primates to bounce on the tire at the middle of the arena in order to reach the top of Master Necky Snr.'s head and harm him. After each hit inflicted upon the boss, he will add single coconuts to his following attacks. However, in the GBA version, both Master Necky Snr. and Master Necky will be featured as bosses, appearing together during the battle. Initially, the former will show up at the right side of the arena, and the latter will appear at the left side. Master Necky Snr. will spit a single coconut at heroes first, and Master Necky will follow with another single one. Both bosses will be invulnerable before each of them attacking and just before leaving the screen. If Master Necky Snr. is harmed too soon, Master Necky will not attack. After one of the bosses is defeated first, the second one will be able to appear at both sides of the arena, and he will attack by always spitting four coconuts per time. Master Necky Snr. will be taken down after receiving a total of five hits in the SFC/SNES and GBC versions. In the GBA version, he and Master Necky will be defeated after each of them taking a total of five hits. In all game versions, the Kongs will also earn a Giant Banana.

After that, the player will gain access to the final boss stage of the game, Gang-Plank Galleon, on the overworld map of the Donkey Kong Island.

Supporting Locations[]


Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name Meaning/Translation
French Caves des Chimpanzés Chimpanzee Caverns
German Affenklein Höhle Small Ape Cave
Italian Gole di Gorilla Gorilla's Gorges
Japanese レベル6 やみのいりえ
Reberu 6 Yami no irie
Level 6 Dark Cove
Spanish Cavernas Chimpancé Chimpanzee Caverns


  • While it is never confirmed, there are a number of hints towards Chimp Caverns being a greater extension of Monkey Mines, the second world of the game Donkey Kong Country:
    • The internal world and level order in the game's data lists Chimp Caverns as world 3
    • The names of each world mean "primate grottos".
    • The overworld map of the Donkey Kong Island indicates that they are both located inside the island.
    • Both are the only worlds in the game that do not include water stages, as well as the only worlds that include mine stages.
    • Despite Chimp Caverns not featuring mine cart stages, unlike Monkey Mines, in the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country, the world map of the former shows rail tracks and some mine carts.
  • As confirmed by Kynan Pearson, one of the main designers of the game Donkey Kong Country Returns, the Cave world and the Chimp Caverns are the same location.[1]