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Map Chili Pepper Kingdom Map
Chili pepper kingdom
Boss(es) Double Tusk
Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

The Chili Pepper Kingdom is the fifteenth kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. This kingdom is located on clouds and a cave full of lava. The Chili Pepper Kingdom can be accessed by completing the first 12 kingdoms, defeating the Cactus King, and collecting at least 34 Crests. The Chili Pepper Kingdom is the location of Double Tusk.


Cloudy Heights[]

Cloudy Heights is the first stage of the Chili Pepper Kingdom. It takes place in clouds surrounded by giant beanstalks.

Magma Coliseum[]

Magma Coliseum is the second stage of the Chili Pepper Kingdom. The stage takes place in a cavern filled with lava. Hogs are the prominent enemies in the stage. A new enemy appears near the end of the stage. It emerged from the lava and shot out a purple substance.


Thunder Roc