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Cheesy Chester seen with DK, Dixie, and Rambi.

Cheesy Chester is the name of sub-species of mice that appear as enemies in Autumn Heights, the second world of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


A Cheesy Chester appears as a large mouse with fur coloured orange. They also have yellow skin on their face, large ears, large nose, and dark paws. They can be seen walking straight and on fours. They are originally inhabitants of Autumn Heights along with the Schnautzels.  

Game Appearance and Strategy[]

Cheesy Chesters first appear walking straight as they roam in Autumn Heights. When they notice a player they start walking on all fours. They attack by scratching the Kongs or hit them from behind with their tail. They can be defeated by a single jump excluding their size or by having a barrel or an enemy thrown like all the enemies in the game.