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World Jungle
Type Jungle
Animal Buddies None
Puzzle Pieces 5
Enemies Encountered Awks, Frogoons, Rawks, Tiki Zings
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

Canopy Cannons is the fifth stage in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. There are lots of Barrels and series of Barrels here, where you have to shoot at just the right time to enter the next Barrel in the series. The stage comes after Sunset Shore and before Crazy Cart.


The stage begins in the jungle, where there are many strange, item bearing plants growing all over the place. Some stone blocks are also on the pathway through the jungle, as well as a Frogoon that is followed by an Awk. The edge of a cliff is immediately after the Awk, but a Barrel Cannon floats near it. If the Kongs get in and shoot themselves out of it, they land in a Barrel in the background that shoots them through a stone wall to a moving Barrel. The Barrel can be missed, causing the heroes to plummet to their death. The Barrel can move the Kongs upwards through another stone wall and to the letter K of the K-O-N-G Letters. A Barrel on the other side of this stone wall to catch and shoot them to a Barrel in the foreground. This moving Barrel can aim the Kongs at another Barrel, which can then blast them to the following Barrel when it has moved in the correct area. They Barrel it shoots the primates to does not move, but it aims directly at the target: the next Barrel. This Barrel is surrounded by many bananas, a Banana Coin, and a Tiki Zing. When the Kongs shoot to the Barrel, the foe and the objects fall, allowing the Barrel to move under the next Barrel, which they must shoot to. This Barrel aims directly at the following Barrel, but a bouncing, spiky object is between them.↵When the object falls downwards, they can shoot to the next Barrel, which can them blast them on solid ground on an Awk. In this area, there are many red, helicopter-like plants at the edge of the cliff and another strange plant next to a dandelion. After a group of spikes, the primates come up to two Frogoons and a DK Barrel. Barrels are in the gap ahead of this tree canopy area. The three Barrels each tilt in three different directions; when they are aiming at the correct angle, the Kongs can shoot to reach the next Barrel. The first Barrel in this group can shoot the group to the letter O, which is right above it, or the Barrel positioned above it to the right. This Barrel can then shoot them down to the third Barrel that is to the right of it. This final Barrel in the area is next to a stone wall that supports the above platform which can be shot to in order to progress. If the heroes shoot at the wall here, they can also bounce back while grabbing a Banana Coin. On the platform above this, the primates can find two red Rawks and a strange plant that can be broken open to reveal and item. Spikes are ahead of here, along with an Awk. At the end of the area is the Tutorial Pig, who marks the checkpoint.↵A DK Barrel is immediately after this, followed by a few large, bouncy, red flowers. A trail of bananas are above each of them, and a Barrel Cannon is above the last of the flowers. It can shoot the Kongs past a bouncing, spiky object, when the obstacle jumps upwards, to get to another Barrel. This cannon can shoot them farther into the background, where there is another Barrel that is surrounded by bananas, a Banana Coin, and a Tiki Zing. The two Barrels following this are surrounded by similar objects, including the letter N and an Extra Life Balloon, which fall when the Barrels are reached. Eventually, the heroes reach a Barrel that can shoot them under a bouncing object to access another cannon that aims into a wall. They can shoot through this wall and come up to a moving Barrel while in mid-air, which they must try to land in. This Barrel, along with the Barrels following it, moves back and fourth, so the Kongs must shoot out only when it is aiming towards the next Barrel to avoid falling. After blasting through many different Barrels, the Kongs reach an Auto Fire Barrel that blasts them to a Barrel that is able to shoot them into the background through some stone structures.↵On the other side of the structures is another cannon, which can shoot them into the air so they can reach a moving Auto Fire Barrel, which has the letter G above it. This Barrel can fire them to the next Barrel, which then blasts them through a wall. When they shoot through this, the heroes area attacked by many giant Sleeping Pillars behind them. They must quickly shoot through several Barrel Cannons towards the foreground to avoid them. The last two of these Barrels aim at different angles, while the ones before it only aim to the next Barrel. When the heroes shoot to land, they crash into a structure that they cause to fall over. They can use this to help them reach a higher area, where there are two dandelions, followed by several bouncy, red flowers. The primates can bounce along these to get to a Barrel Cannon at the end of the area. Auto Fire Barrels are positioned between the flowers to help the Kongs in case they fall between the plants. The Barrel Cannon at the end of the area can shoot the group into the mouth of a nearby structure, which has a Barrel Cannon in it. This cannon can blast them to other cannons inside the structure. Eventually, they shoot out of the statue and blast to the stage's final Barrel Cannon, which aims past a bouncing, spiky object to the Slot Machine Barrel. If the primates hit this Barrel, the stage is completed.


  • DK Barrel: 3
  • Banana Coin: 8
  • Extra Life Balloon: 1

K-O-N-G letters

  • K: When the Kongs reach the third Barrel Cannon in the stage, they should shoot towards the cracked part of the stone wall of come across the letter K.
  • O: Immediately after the first Puzzle Piece and the first DK Barrel, the Kongs can find a Barrel Cannon with the letter O above it. They can shoot to the letter with the Barrel.
  • N: In the third sequence of Barrel Cannons, the heroes shoot to some Barrel Cannons that are surrounded by collectibles. One of these Barrels has the letter N orbiting it.
  • G: After the Kongs blast into the background before coming up to the large Screaming Pillars, the Barrel they are in aims upwards towards the letter G. They heroes should try to miss the Auto Fire Barrel hovering past the letter to grab it.

Puzzle Pieces

  • 1. When the Kongs reach the first area of land after shooting through Barrel Cannons, they should pound on a strange yellow plant to reveal a Puzzle Piece.
  • 2. In the area of Barrels where the letter O is located, the heroes should blast to the second Barrel that is above the middle of a large gap. If they shoot downwards into this gap, they can find a hidden Auto Fire Barrel that can blast them to a Puzzle Piece. It then shoots them to a Barrel that fires them back up to the first Barrel Cannon in the area.
  • 3. When the Kongs reach the area of land after the area with the letter O and the second Puzzle Piece, they can find a strange, cracked part of the ground. If they pound on it, they fall through the ground and enter a Bonus stage, where they must collect many bananas and two Banana Coins while shooting back and forth between Barrels. An Auto Fire Barrel moves around in the middle of the area to shoot the heroes out of the bonus. If they collect everything, a Puzzle Piece appears at the exit.
  • 4. After the Kongs exit the first Bonus stage, they should head backwards and pass a few Awk enemies. A strange plant grows near some spikes that contains a Puzzle Piece.
  • 5. In the third sequence of Barrels, the Kongs can find a banana hanging out of the corner of the screen while they are in a certain part of the area. If they shoot to this banana instead of the next Barrel, they can find a hidden Barrel that blasts them to the fifth and final Puzzle Piece.



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Donkey Kong Country Returns 100% Video Walkthrough 1-5 Canopy Cannons

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