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ExitIsNearSign.png Candy's Save Point ExitSign.png
Greater location(s) Donkey Kong Island
Inhabitant(s) Candy Kong
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Candy's Save Point is the name of Candy Kong's saving service, which Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong can visit to save their game. It was first introduced in Donkey Kong Country. It is a wooden booth with red and white striped awning and a sign with lights that run around it.

When the Kongs enter, Candy will greet them, usually offering advice to save "before it's too late", a reference to how Kongs (in the SNES version of Donkey Kong Country) could, at any time, get stuck on a level in the next world and not have access to a save point until a later part of the level. As such, it is smart to save before confronting a boss and whenever the Kongs first reach the Save Point (though of course players are free to save whenever at their own discretion).

The Save Point's use was lessened in both remakes of Donkey Kong Country, since the Game Boy Color version had it replaced with Candy's Challenge where the monkeys had to get a Banana Coin in a challenge in each world.

The Game Boy Advance version changed the Save Point to a Dance Studio, due to having the ability to save anytime in the START menu. In the dancing mini-game, the Kongs could win lives as a prize. A similar thing happened to Funky's Flights.

Music Theme

Title Description Composer Game
Candy's Love Song
Theme playing at Candy's Save Point. David Wise[1] Donkey Kong Country