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Buzzbite DKCR

Buzzbite as seen in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Buzzbites are purple insect enemies in the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. They spin their four razor-like legs in the motion of a buzz saw, giving them their name, over any surfaces. Being minor enemies, they are fairly uncommon. The regular type is seen in the Cave Key Temple Jagged Jewels, Forest level Vine Valley and Volcano Key Temple Five Monkey Trial. The flaming variant can be seen only in the Cliff Key Temple Perilous Passage. In Jagged Jewels and Vine Valley, the regular type can be defeated by a well-aimed barrel. In Perilous Passage, the flaming type is supposedly defeated when they hit the rising lava below. The fire trail left by this type of Buzzbite still can harm the Kongs. In Five Monkey Trial, during the fourth trial, regular Buzzbites act as obstacles while the primates collect Banana Coins on a spinning wheel.