ExitIsNearSign Button Bash ExitSign
World Ruins
Type Ruins
Animal Buddies None
Bonus Stages 1
Puzzle Pieces 7
Enemies Encountered Tiki Goons, Tiki Tanks, Tiki Torches
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

Button Bash is the second stage of the Ruins in Donkey Kong Country Returns. It is preceded by Wonky Waterway and followed by Mast Blast.




  • Barrels:
    • DK Barrels:
    • Wooden Barrels:
  • Banana Coins:
  • Hearts:

K-O-N-G Letters

Puzzle Pieces

Button bash puzzle piece 3

Going to the third piece.

  • 1. Immediately after beginning the stage, knock over the stick holding up a part of a statue and you can climb on top of it and collect the first piece.
  • 2. It can be found after entering the stage proper, ground pounding at the first yellow plant.
  • 3. This is found above the second one, by going left to cling on the ceiling rather than right to go further into the stage.


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