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        Cranky Complaining "You have to do better than that! Still got you beat, hunh?! "
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Act 1[]

Cranky is resting in a paradise

Cranky: (drinking something offscreen) Ah, solitude! Undisturbed, uninterrupted, solitude nothing and none to pester me for a whole week

Some bees ruin Cranky's relaxation time by buzzing next to him

Cranky: (waves his hand to lure them away) Buzz off bees! Ah

More bees arrive and ruin Cranky's time

Cranky: Uh oh

The bees completely ruin Cranky's time and is making him all tingly

Meanwhile, at a jungle

Diddy: Cranky must be having right now

Donkey Kong: Maybe Diddy (eats banana) more like he's relaxing and hating every minute of it

Diddy: Uh, no one to group chat?

Donkey Kong: You guessed it little buddy

Diddy: So, um, what do you want to do today DK?

Funky: (driving his plane in the sky) Yo! Donkey dude, Diddy dude, you want to go surfing? (balancing on his plane) Hang tight on the edge (wails excitedly) Ride that curve (laughs)

Donkey Kong: (jumping) Come on Diddy! Like Funky said, let's go ride on the side, ride that turf and- (slips on banana)

Diddy: You okay DK?

Donkey Kong: Yeah, except something's jabbing my vertibone. (picks up a treasure bottle) An old bottle?

Diddy: Oh with a message inside

Funky: A message from some flounder (laughs)

Donkey Kong: Not a message (opens the bottle and grabs the message) It's a map

Diddy: That's no ordinary map, look, footprints leading to a big x!

Donkey Kong: So, who wants to go clear across the island for an x

Funky: Especially when all you can spell with it is like, uh, xylophone

Donkey Kong: Or exit

Funky: Or ox

Diddy: Or treasure!

Donkey Kong: (laughing) There's no 'x' in treasure, Diddy

Diddy: (throws his cap on the floor and starts jumping on it) Ugh, I know that, I'm saying this is a treasure map, x marks the spot!

Donkey Kong and Funky: Treasure?!

Diddy: Theme!

Funky: Fortune!

Donkey Kong: I can't go

Diddy and Funky: Huh?

Donkey Kong: I've got a date with Candy

Diddy and Funky are dancing to prepare for their persuasive song

Funky: ♪How could you pass on something like this?♪

Diddy: ♪Not wanna go when it's all that you wish for♪

Funky: ♪Think of all the treasure you're gonna miss♪

Diddy: ♪Don't you want to get your hands on Riches Galore?♪

Donkey Kong: No

Funky: ♪Get your head out of the clouds!♪

Diddy: ♪Adventure waiting times-a-wastin'♪

Funky: ♪You could be living on easy street♪

Diddy: ♪C'mon, DK, doesn't this sound sweet?♪

Donkey Kong: No

Funky: ♪You could have a house with coconut walls!♪

Diddy: ♪You could have a swing for two installed!♪

Funky: ♪You could have your own banana tree!♪

Diddy: ♪You could buy anything you want for Candy!♪

Donkey Kong: A gift for Candy?

All: ♪Let's go, let's go hit the road! We'll find treasure by the truckload, let's go, let's go grab the map for five more ride and we can rap!♪

'Donkey Kong: Fire up the plane, Funky!

Then, Bluster is wondering through the forest.

Bluster: I'm certain I dropped that coin around here somewhere

The trio laughing offscreen

Donkey Kong: (offscreen) We're going on a treasure hunt!

Funky: (offscreen) Right on dude

Bluster: (overheard conversation) Treasure?

The trio set off to find the treasure, via Funky's Plane

Bluster: I'm just one sneaky beat them to it step away from becoming an even richer richest ape on Kongo Bongo island! - (to the audience) And that's rich

The scene switches to Bluster trying to work his Barrel-Copter

Bluster: That unimaginative Donkey Kong would be more than happy to trade whatever treasure he finds for a... a... station wagon to cart all his banana's around in

Funky, Donkey Kong and Diddy: (offscreen; screaming)

Donkey Kong Here's right, kingside, banana split!

Candy: (to Bluster) Hey, where's Donkey Kong going?

Bluster: (gasps) Candy, forget that, you didn't see them, you're hallucinating, you just think Donkey Kong's going on a treasure hunt. (realizes he blabbed out the treasure hunt) Can I rephrase that?

Candy: He's standing me up to go on a treasure hunt? (about to get frustrated) Why of all the nerve, oh-

Dixie: Uh Candy, "treasure hunt" as in "treasure hunt"

Candy: Treasure? He's going on a treasure hunt?

Bluster: Now Candy, as foreman of the barrel-

Candy and Dixie enter the Barrel-Copter

Candy: Are you flying this or am I learning how to fly it without you?

Bluster works his Barrel-Copter