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Not to be confused with Buckbot.

Bucky is an enemy from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Appearance []

They resemble a yellow buck-toothed caterpillar with brown feet, orange "horns" on its back and a large purple horn. They have eight red feet which they use to transverse along terrain. They also have four hair-like structures on their back. They have small eyes with black pupils. They also have buck teeth and small noses. On their back is two black streaks.


As they walk, they seep a yellow damaging slime from behind. They are slow, and can be defeated by jumping on the head, but is should be done from the front to avoid damage. They can also be defeated with a roll to the front, but keep a distance when doing so to avoid damage, They can also be defeated by ground-pounding a spinning platform that they are on, causing them to fall down. They can also climb up walls and ceilings, with their slime falling down when doing so.