Donkey Kong and Bucky (right)

Bucky is an enemy in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. They resemble a yellow buck-toothed caterpillar with brown feet, orange "horns" on it's back and a large purple horn. As they walk, they shoot out a yellow gas from behind. They can be killed by jumping on the head. They can be killed by jumping on their backs, but it causes damage to you, too. They can be killed with a roll to the front but it is not recommended because you will probably still hit the gas unless it is done from farther back. They can also be killed by pounding on the top of a platform if they are on the bottom, causing them to fall down.


  • Clinging to the bottom and sides of platforms
  • Spraying a trail of gas
  • Dropping gas balls from above (if upside-down)