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Not to be confused with Bubbler the Octopus from the games Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS.
Clu Clu Land Bubbles 1
Japanese boxart depicting Bubbles and some Unira, from the game Clu Clu Land[1] for Famicom.
Alias(es) Gloopy

Residence(s) Kingdom of Clu Clu Land
Species Balloonfish
Gender Female

Powers/Abilities Swimming at straight lines (only in Clu Clu Land),
Bouncing back from walls (only in Clu Clu Land),
Shooting soundwave attacks (only in Clu Clu Land),
Pushing stunned enemies (only in Clu Clu Land),
Grabbing on turning posts or pegs,
Walking on land (only in DK: King of Swing),
Jumping (only in DK: King of Swing),
Using charged attacks (only in DK: King of Swing)
Enemies Unira
Game(s) Clu Clu Land[1],
DK: King of Swing
First Appearance Clu Clu Land (for Arcade) (1984-1987)
Latest Appearance DK: King of Swing (2005)

Bubbles (グルッピー, Gloopy in Japan) is a red, female balloonfish. She is the main character of the game Clu Clu Land[1] for Arcade and Family Computer/Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as an unlockable character in the game DK: King of Swing.


Clu Clu Land[]

In the game Clu Clu Land, the Unira, evil sea urchins, have stolen all treasures of the Kingdom of Clu Clu Land. Bubbles, the heroine, decides to recover the stolen golden Ingots. She must move throughout multiple underwater mazes, while trying to uncover ingots and avoiding enemies coming from black holes, within a time limit. Bubbles can only move at straight lines and she changes directions in 90 degrees by holding to turning posts. She can also bounce back from walls and shoot soundwaves to stun enemies temporarily. Each stage is cleared after all the golden Ingots are revealed, creating a figure, such as butterflies and submarines. The player earns extra points by Bubbles pushing stunned enemies into walls or clearing stages quickly.

DK: King of Swing[]

Bubbles appears as an unlockable playable character in the Jungle Jam modes of the game DK: King of Swing. In onder to unlock her, the player must clear the Diddy Mode and find all twenty-four DK Medals. At the character select screen, the player can alternate between the colors red, blue, yellow and green for Bubbles. During gameplay, she is the most well-rounded character in the game, with balanced stats of four in both Jump and Attack. In similar way to other characters in the game, Bubbles is capable of walking on land, jumping and using charged attacks. When grabbing on single pegs, she can rotate in 360 degrees. Her charged attack uses the original sprite from the game Clu Clu Land, which she shoots a soundwave, however there is no contact hitbox on the wave. Causing damage by executing a successful charged attack requires direct body contact with other characters.

Super Smash Bros. series[]

Bubbles is featured as a trophy in the game Super Smash Bros. Melee for Nintendo GameCube.

The Unira is a throwing item in the games Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Nintendo Wii, both versions of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch. There are also Unira's trophies in the games Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Bubbles and Unira also appear as spirits in the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.