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Bright Savannah

Bright Savannah.

Bright Savannah is the third world of the Wii U game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


The savannah appears as its own island decorated tall grass, Baobabs and Umbrella Thorn Acacias, boulders, canyons, and a waterfall. It also has its own inhabitants such as Swooper DoopersBuffaloafers, and Porcupals which are the domestic enemies of World 3. The Savannah also as its own puppets of animals, has a hidden tornado and is being attacked by fire in the southeast. The canyons of the island are shown with gears and cogs part of their own contraptions on the west and infested with vines having thorns on the east. The center has been marked Snowmad territory as they left their flags and have built walls with signs trying to keep out the Kongs while invading the Savannah.