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Bowser is the Koopa King who acts as the main villain of the Super Mario Bros. game series. He is seen as an villain to Mario, who then tries to thwart him. He is a massive beast that can breathe fire, use his shell as a means of transportation, combating, as well as being able to use the same power-ups as Mario, and can be seen as stronger than even Donkey Kong, in some circumstances.

Physical Appearance[]

Bowser appears to be some sort of lizard, who also has many spikes on his shell, along with his long yellow tail. His body’s is yellow, with red eyes and a green shell, along with white nails. He has five digits on his feet and hands, and he also has cuffs on his arms and legs as well, which he uses to flaunt his status as a rather brutal leader.

Relationship with Donkey Kong[]

Bowser and Donkey Kong are often depicted as enemies. This is evident when he turned DK into a trophy during the events of the Subspace Emissary mode in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl and fought Diddy Kong. In the game Mario Super Sluggers, Bowser sends Bowser Jr. to invade his stadium, which leads to Donkey Kong and his team joining forces with Mario and his friends to save the baseball stadium from the villain. Also in the Mario Party series games where Donkey Kong is not playable, he becomes a polar opposite of Bowser by giving Coins or Stars to Mario and his friends, instead of taking them away like Bowser does. In the 2023 Super Mario Bros. Movie, Donkey Kong assists Mario and his friends to battle Bowser and his army in order to stop them from taking over the world. Donkey Kong is even shown to have a brief battle with Bowser that ends up with Bowser overpowering DK and attempting to murder him with his claws until Mario intervenes and saves Donkey Kong.

Despite being on bad terms, however Bowser and DK are shown to be allies in the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U versions of the game Skylanders: SuperChargers, where they assisted the Skylanders to save the universe from Kaos, and later, The Darkness.

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