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A line of Bopapodamuses as seen in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Bopapodamuses are enemies from Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. They appear in the Forest world levels. Donkey and Diddy Kong must bounce off them in order to cross over several bottomless pits, but each bounce will cause the Bopapodamus to descend in height until they eventually fall off completely and disappear. They will, however, slowly return to their original height. They will also respawn if the Kongs move away from the area and come back, allowing the player another attempt at crossing the area. To defeat them, the primates must jump on and bounce off each Bopapodamus four times. But if Kongs try to use a roll attack, the Bopapodamuses will simply punch the heroes.


The Bopapodamus has a rather happy expression and has a gray color all over its body. It also has two large nostrils and hippopotamus' tusks. They have two ears that are curved. They have three toes on each of their feet.