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Donkey Kong on a red Booster Barrel racing against Funky Kong on a green Booster Barrel, as seen in the game DK: Jungle Climber for DS.

Booster Battle is an optional Bonus Game in the game DK: Jungle Climber, where the player races on a Booster Barrel.


After unlocking the Bonus Game during the Adventure mode, the player can access Booster Battle in the Challenge mode with four difficulty levels. During the Bonus Game, the player takes control of Donkey Kong piloting a red Booster Barrel. The vehicle is maneuvered by the player pressing the "L" and "R" buttons, or the "Left" and "Right" directional buttons. The objective is usually race against other Kongs, moving around an ascending course within thirty seconds. There are obstacles inside the courses, such as tires and wooden barrels. Flying over booster pads provides a temporary speed boost for the Booster Barrel. At the finishing line of each course, the player receives a rank according to the time taken for clearing the course. The adversaries during races include Funky, Dixie and Diddy Kong. During the final course, the player must fly around an asteroid field while avoiding to be hit once as much time as possible.