Donkey Kong Wiki

Residence(s) Boomer's Bomb Shelter,
Family Brothers Bear
Species Bear
Gender Male

Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3

Boomer (ブーマー, Būmā) is one of the Brothers Bear in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. Unlike his other bear siblings, Boomer wears a construction hat and is a demolition expert.


Boomer resides in the secret world Krematoa during the events of Donkey Kong Country 3, because the other bears thought of him as too dangerous to have around. During his time in Krematoa, he made explosives and found a bomb shelter for him. If the Kongs venture to Krematoa to meet him, they have to pay a toll of 15 Bonus Coins in order for him to set off an explosive to clear the way into the next level in the area. As such, he was key to finishing all the levels of the game. In order to get him to clear the way to the last level, the Kongs have to pay him 25 Bonus Coins.

When Boomer first entered the empty Boom Shelter, he stumbled upon an odd machine that runs on Cogs found by clearing each level in the world. When it is assembled, the device enhances the volcanic activity of Krematoa and causes Baron K. Roolenstein's Knautilus to rise as well. Once this happens, the Kongs can face K. Roolenstein for the final time and get the secret ending.



First meeting

  • "Hello there! Boomer's the name, blowing things up is my game. The rest of the folks have stuck me up in here."
  • "Something about me being too dangerous or something"
  • "My brothers might be happy with those dull bear coins, but I'm only interested in the gold ones with 'B' on them!"
  • "If you hand me 15 coins, this beauty will be primed and ready to blow. Then you'll see why they call me Boomer!"

Subsequent meetings

Bonus coins

  • "Fancy giving me some coins then? Go on, have a go!"
    • "What the blazes!!? I don't know how you did it, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, and I don't think I want to know either!" (denied)
    • "Good one Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs - that bought you 1/2/3/4/5 of Boomer's specials!" (accepted)
  • "By the way, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, did I mention that my last special cost 25 coins? But hey, it'll definitely be worth it"
    • "Hey are you trying to shortchange me? The last person who tried that hasn't landed yet!"
    • "No? Perhaps you should go and play with your dollies instead!" (denied)


  • "Is that a cog you've got there? You know, I reckon it'll fit on this strange box which has been here ever since I moved in."
  • "Pop it on an see what happens!"
  • "Looks like you're going to have to find a few more of them to fit it all together."

Last cog

  • "Well, they're all in.....Doesn't seem to have done too much though, does it?"
  • "WHAT on earth is that racket? Hey, take a look outside, Kongs - you won't believe it!"


  • "That's it, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, I'm all out of explosives."
  • "Phew, it's roasting in here! I had to pop down to Bazaar and get this fan. He's not cheap, is he?"


  • After causing the Knautilus to rise, Boomer will have a fan standing on his counter, since Krematoa has heated up because of the volcanic activity. He claims he just purchased it at Bazaar's General Store.