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ExitIsNearSign Boogity Bog ExitSign
World(s) Ghost Island
Music Theme(s)

Enemies Encountered Puftups, Shuris, Lockjaws
Game(s) DK: Jungle Climber
First Appearance DK: Jungle Climber (2007)
Latest Appearance DK: Jungle Climber (2007)
Adjacent Stage(s) << DK: Jungle Climber >>

Boogity Bog is the third stage of the world Ghost Island, as well as the fifteenth stage overall in the game DK: Jungle Climber. It is preceded by Veggie Patch and followed by Toybox 2.


The bog is home to Puftups, Shuris and other water creatures. Most of the stage is filled with whirlpools and moving platforms, with a lever section after it.


At the beginning of the stage, Donkey Kong starts on a dock where water is below. Depending into the water reveals moving platforms, a couple whirlpools and pegs, with Pufftups to avoid. Past this is the next section with whirlpools and many bananas, along with some moving platforms. The next section have pegs that move in an arc, and spikes everywhere, along with a Lockjaw to avoid. The fourth section has many platforms to grab onto, along with pegs and a DK Barrel, along with an updraft which can push the Kongs into spikes. The fifth section is short and has some pegs and Shuris to avoid, with a series of passages being after, with levers that shut and open doors. Pull the lever to the very right to close a door that will lead him to the middle section which has a DK Coin and a Tire. After this are more levers with one being in the draft and the other being out of it. Pull the one in the draft to open the door to the sixth section. The sixth section has a lot of Pufftups, Shuris and pegs.



Banana Coins[]

  1. At the bottom of the first section. Stay to the left of the stage to find an area with it and use a peg to get it.
  2. In the third section to the right. There will be spikes that the arc is peg is going to, so shoot quickly at it.
  3. Near the middle of the fourth section on the right. Shoot at it, but avoid the spike just above it.
  4. At the bottom of the fourth section, just before it leads into the fifth. Avoid the Barrel Cannon next to it.
  5. In the sixth section to the right, above two Puftups. Use the pegs to get through both of them.

K-O-N-G Letters[]

  • K: To the right of the second section. Use the pegs in the whirlpool to get it.
  • O: Above a Lockjaw in the third section. Use a peg to get it.
  • N: Just at the bottom of the fourth section at the beginning. Grab onto platforms and make way to the platform before grabbing a peg and shooting at it.
  • G: In the fifth section, it will be next to the some pegs after in the section that can only be accessed if Donkey Kong has pulled the lever to the very right previously.

DK Coin[]

  • In the middle tunnel in the fifth section. Use the lever to make a door close and then go up to access it. Use pegs to get it.

Oil Barrel[]

  • A bit over the beginning of the third section. Use the pegs to guide Donkey Kong over.