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"Boo Barrels phase in and out of existence, reappearing at different angles. When you jump into them, they will blast you out. Look before you leap to learn the method to their madness. Sometimes you'll have to time your shot from a Blast Barrel to a materializing Boo Barrel."
Official Nintendo Player's Guide, page 96

Boo Barrels, also known as Ghost Barrels, are types of barrel cannons introduced in the game Donkey Kong Country 3. They also return in Donkey Kong Land III. Boo barrels in Donkey Kong Country 3 are very rare and only featured in one stage, Creepy Caverns of KAOS Kore. They appear much more common in Donkey Kong Land 3 as they are featured in every cave stage.

Before these barrels were ghosts, they were containers of bananas that were deposited on cavernous warehouse from KAOS Kore.[1]


Donkey Kong Country 3[]

Boo Barrels act somewhat like barrel cannons but with a twist; per the ghost-like name, Boo Barrels tend to reappear and disappear suddenly during a stage. They always return and disappear in the same spot, though with every reappearance they aim a different direction. This makes them very tricky because their patterns are quick and a misfire often leads directly into an enemy (usually Buzz) or a wall.

Donkey Kong Land III[]



  1. CREEPY CAVERNS: "The Creepy Caverns used to be a warehouse filled with barrels of bananas, but now the dusty depository is haunted. Beware of the Ghost Barrels-hopping into one could blast you into a bunch of bananas-or a ton of trouble"
    Nintendo Power, Volume 91, December, 1996, page 61 on Wayback Machine