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Bones (at the right) sitting on the sidewalk next to Donkey Kong Jr., as seen in the Donkey Kong Junior segment from the Saturday Supercade[1] animated series.
Alias(es) Real name unknown,
"Lucy Bones" (when disguised as Lucy Belle)

Family Lucy Belle (cousin)
Species Human
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Donkey Kong Jr.
Occupation(s) Greaser[2]
Powers/Abilities Owning a motorcycle,
"Voice of reason" to Donkey Kong Jr.,
Disguising skills in order to trick bad guys

First Appearance Episode "Trucknapper Caper" (1983)
Latest Appearance Episode "Double or Nothing" (1983)

The character called Bones is a greaser[2] and the clumsy companion of Donkey Kong Jr. throughout the Donkey Kong Junior segment of the Saturday Supercade[1] animated series. In the English version of the animated series, Bones was voiced by Bart Braverman[3].


As the story goes, Bones had found Donkey Kong Jr. depressed on the street. It seems Junior had traveled from unknown location in order to visit his father, Donkey Kong Sr. Unfortunately for Junior, Donkey Kong had run away from the circus he was at.

Bones decided to aid Donkey Kong Jr. in his search for his father, and off the two went across the country on Bones' motorcycle, going on various misadventures during their search.

Despite Bones showing to be capable of piloting the motorcycle, Junior is usually seen on the driver's seat, while Bones travels on the sidecar. In every episode, they come across people needing help against thieves and other criminals. When facing bad guys, Bones being clumsy and diffident can cause problems. Sometimes, he and Junior resort to use disguises in order to trick villains after being caught or while pursued by them.

During the episode "Double or Nothing", Bones and Donkey Kong Junior reach a mansion under a thunderstorm. There, they meet Lucy Belle, Bones' cousin. Lucy explains that she might inherit the mansion from his great grandfather, Colonel Hubert Jefferson, after the reading of his will. However, she is worried because there are two mysterious figures on trenchcoats stalking her. Junior tries to reassure her, but Lucy is captured by one of the figures, while the other one is able to stop Bones and Junior during a chase. Grieving about Lucy losing the mansion, Junior decides to use the close likeness of Bones to his cousin in order to disguise him as Lucy and be able to attend the will reading. During the event, Mr. Bancroft reads the will which says Lucy will inherit the mansion if she is able to solve a rebus[4] puzzle until midnight. However, during a blackout, one of the mysterious figures kidnappes Bones. Outside, Donkey Kong Jr. uses judo moves in order to saw off some tree logs, throwing them at the bad guy and releasing Bones, but the figure is able to escape. Soon afterwards, Junior and Bones find Lucy tied inside a shed nearby. After releasing her, they explain the situation about the will and the rebus puzzle. Back to the mansion, while Lucy works on the puzzle, Junior asks Bones to keep the disguise in order to lure in the villains. After a long chase by the bad guys, Junior ends falling into a laundry chute, and Bones hits a wall, losing his wig and revealing himself to the two figures. Lucy tries to help his cousin by throwing a vase at the bad guys. But they are able to avoid it, and the figures pull off the carpet under Lucy, making her to fall and lose one piece of the rebus puzzle. The two bad guys take the piece, believing that Lucy is unable to solve the puzzle without it. Inside the laundry, Donkey Kong Junior takes two coils from an old mattress which he has land on in order to put under the feet and leave the room by leaping. On the top floor, Junior is able to catch two helmets of armor pieces and throw onto the two figures' heads, stopping them from escaping. The figures are revealed to be Mr. Bancroft and Hugo, the mansion caretaker. Bones find the Colonel Jefferson's will inside the Mr. Bancroft's trenchcoat pocket and reads it. The will says that in case of Lucy is unable to solve the puzzle by midnight, Mr. Bancroft will inherit the mansion, instead. Later on, about seconds left for the midnight, Lucy rearranges some pieces of the rebus puzzle, and she figures out that the puzzle means "Rumplestiltskin"[5]. It is her favorite fairy tale and the one which her great grandfather would always read to her when she was younger. By Lucy finally solving the puzzle just before midnight and inheriting the mansion, all present characters celebrate. Lucy thanks Donkey Kong Junior and Bones by saying she could not done that without the help of Junior and her cousin "Lucy Bones", and they all laugh together.



  • It was never revealed during the entire run of the Saturday Supercade animated series what Bones' real name was.
  • Krossbones, skeleton Kremling enemies from the game Donkey Kong 64 for Nintendo 64, are also called Bones.