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Aliases Real name unknown

Species Human

Affiliates The Kong Family
Enemies Mario

Bones was the clumsy companion of Donkey Kong Jr. throughout the Donkey Kong Jr. segment of Saturday Supercade.

As the story goes, Bones had found Donkey Kong Jr. depressed on the street; it seems Junior had traveled from unknown location in order to visit his father, Donkey Kong. Unfortunately for Junior, Donkey Kong had run away from the circus he was at, with Mario and Pauline on his trail.

DKJr Supercade

Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones.

Bones decided to aid Donkey Kong Jr. in his search for his father, and off the two went across the country on Bones' motorcycle, going on various misadventures during their search.


  • It was never revealed during the entire span of Saturday Supercade what Bones's real name was.