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ExitIsNearSign Bobbing Basalt ExitSign
World(s) Volcano
Music Theme(s)
Animal Buddies None
Bonus Room(s) One bonus room
Puzzle Pieces 7
Enemies Encountered Tiki Goons, squeeklyies, Tiki Dooms
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

Bobbing Basalt is the fifth stage of the Volcano World in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It is preceded by Smokey Peak and followed by Moving Melters.


The overall look of this stage appears to be a barely situate but fully functional part of the volcano with basalt bobbing up and down, as its namesake.


The level begins on a straight pathway made by basalt. Two tall, solid platforms of basalt are farther ahead, with fireballs jumping between them. Larger basalt rocks are after this, and they bob in and out of the lava. Some of the platforms even dip completely into the magma, and the Kongs cannot jump on these when they first rise out without losing a life. The Kongs must quickly jump to each platform while dodging some fireballs to progress into and area with larger platforms of basalt. Basalt is also on the top of the area, moving towards the basalt under it to smash the primates. The Kongs must travel through this area of moving volcanic rocks, while passing up a Tiki Doom. Just after the last platform in this area with a Tiki Goon on it is a basalt platform bobbing out of the fire. The primates can use it to help them reach a flat and solid area made of stone. Fireballs rain down in this area, so the primates must maneuver around them to survive, along with the K used for the K-O-N-G letters. At the end of this short area is a Barrel Cannon, which shoots the heroes through a stone wall. On the other side of this wall is a giant switch at a dead end. The Kongs will then approach the checkpoint, getting to 1/3rd of the level. If the Kongs pound the switch into the ground, the wall blocking their path begins to sink, revealing a passage for them to climb through. This passage leads up a few slanted pathways to the top of the structure. As the primates climb through it, the structure sinks into the fire, so they must move fast. When they exit the sinking structure, which has several Banana Coins and a large Banana Bunch on it, they can find more bobbing basalt platforms sticking out of the lava. Above the small platforms are some more volcanic rocks, which can block the Kongs' way. The letter O of the K-O-N-G Letters is located just under one of these hanging basalt rocks. As the primates reach the final bobbing platform, bats begin to fly towards them. Some stationary platforms are just after this last basalt platform, but they are very fragile. With the Kongs' weight on them, they quickly break and fall into the fire. The heroes must jump from them fast to survive and to get to a larger platform with the Tutorial Pig on it. This character marks the checkpoint for the heroes.

Now about halfway through the level, the Kongs can find a DK Barrel before a trail of bananas leading to a wall of basalt. A gap is in this wall for the Kongs to go through to enter an area with two more bobbing basalt platforms and a fireball enemy. Large sections of basalt hang from the ceiling and bob out of the lava farther ahead. The heroes must travel between them without getting crushed to make their way onto two more bobbing platforms with fireballs between them. After these platforms is an area with another large, solid, and stationary platform. Some fireballs rain down from holes in the wall above here, which are filled with lava. The primates can avoid them and make their way along another fragile platform that crumbles apart with their weight. Ahead of it is a stationary platform of basalt, followed by an area with a long, thin platform. Under this platform are some bobbing basalt platforms and fireballs. The letter N is also under this pathway to add to the Kongs' collection. The Kongs attempt to avoid the Char-Chars On the platform is a fan that causes collectibles to rain down. Near here, fireballs shoot out of the fire in a long line. The primates must head under or around the fireballs to advance to a large structure. Three basalt platforms rise and sink into the fire after this large structure, and a fireball jumps between the first two of them. Ahead of these platforms is a wall of basalt that opens and closes. It is able to smash the Kongs if they do not dash through it fast enough. This wall is followed by four additional basalt platforms. Several fireballs jump out between the last two platforms, and after them is a stationary platform. Nearby it is another opening and closing wall of basalt, followed by a small platform that can only hold the primates' weight for a few moments. After the primates climb up three final basalt platforms, which sink into the lava when landed on, they can find the Slot Machine Barrel.


  • Barrels: 0
    • DK Barrels: 1
  • Banana Coins: 15
  • Hearts: 

K-O-N-G Letters[]

K - The K is after Puzzle Piece 2, and can be gained by avoiding a bunch of fireballs that will harm Donkey Kong. It will be in the middle of the dangerous area.

O - This letter is obtained right after Puzzle Piece 3, and can be seen with a long, vertical platform that goes up and down, getting in Donkey Kong’s way. Just wait until it is absent and jump. You will be on another platform that sinks Jin to the lava, along with the one after you, so be fast with this.

N - If you noticed the letter N while trying to reach the fifth Puzzle Piece, you are in luck if you transport the DK Barrel safely, for you will be shot out of the Bonus Stage, where you must head back to obtain the letter N. This will have a lot of fireballs, so watch out. This is also after the 6th Puzzle Piece as well.

G - After the seventh Puzzle Piece, you must jump past a crumbling platform onto a tall platform, and then go onto another falling platform while moving slowly to obtain the final Kong Letter.

Puzzle Pieces: 7[]


For the first Puzzle Piece, simply begin the level, and there will be a vase containing it.

The second Puzzle Piece is after a section with multiple moving platforms that will crush Donkey Kong. There will be a Tiki Doom there that you can jump on, but you also get an elevated position to grab it whatsoever.

The third Puzzle Piece is after the K, and will require Donkey Kong to do a ground pound that will cause a dragon-headed pillar to drop in the lava. You must grab all the collectibles inside of it, including the Bananas and Banana Coins.

The fourth Puzzle Piece is in a bonus room after the checkpoint. This leads to a bonus room with 2 Balloons, 2 Coins, and 60 Bananas in total.

The fifth Puzzle Piece can be obtained by using a DK Barrel where the checkpoint is located, and transporting it through a series of obstacles to use it on a Bonus Stage that has 3 Coins and 44 Bananas.

The sixth Puzzle Piece can be obtained by blowing on a windmill that is located before the fifth Puzzle Piece Bonus Stage. This will knock down 17 Bananas and the Puzzle Piece itself.

The seventh and final Puzzle Piece can be obtained by going past a sequence of tall, flaming pillars to navigate where a single platform is with 2 plants that can be blown on. The second plant holds the final Puzzle Piece.

Time Attack Medals[]

  • Gold:
  • Silver:
  • Bronze:


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