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ExitIsNearSign.png Bobbing Barrel Brawl ExitSign.png
Bobbing Barrel Brawl.jpg
World(s) Kremwood Forest
Type Riverbank
Music Theme(s) Enchanted River in the SNES version,
Jungle Jitter and Enchanted River in the GBA version
Animal Buddies Ellie the Elephant
Bonus Room(s) 2
Notable Feature(s) Most of the stage must be traversed by Ellie the Elephant, being able to use a water spray attack to defeat regular enemies. The player must also make use of floating barrels to go across water spots with Nibblas swimming on them.
Enemies Encountered Buzzes, Booty Birds, Nibblas, Krimps, Knik-Knaks, Koin
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (for SNES) (1996)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3 (for GBA) (2005)

Bobbing Barrel Brawl is the fifth stage of the Kremwood Forest world and the eleventh stage overall in the game Donkey Kong Country 3. In the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version, it is preceded by Springin' Spiders and followed by Arich's Ambush. In the Game Boy Advance version, it is preceded by Barrel Shield Bust-Up and followed by Arich's Ambush.


It is the second out of the three riverbank stages in the game. However, this stage takes pace at an autumn-themed forest riverbank, unlike the previous one. The main gimmick of the stage is to cross lakes with the help of floating barrels, because most of the water spots possess Nibblas inside them. At the beginning of the stage, the Kongs are transformed into Ellie the Elephant by an Animal Barrel, and the player must traverse most of the stage using the Animal Buddy.


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Collectables and Secrets

K-O-N-G Letters

  • K: The Kongs must throw the first DK Barrel in the stage at a Booty Bird flying above a red Buzz. The Booty Bird will drop a TNT Barrel when hit, which will defeat the Buzz, making way for the letter "K" in the process. Throwing a secondary Kong at the Booty Bird is an alternative option to defeat it.
  • O: Shortly after having transformed into Ellie the Elephant, Ellie must cross the lake, where a Nibbla lurks, by hopping on two Wooden Barrels. When reaching the ground again, Ellie will find the letter "O" hovering just above the ground. She can simply jump to reach it.
  • N: After the Star Barrel of the stage, Ellie will find a Steel Keg. She must pick the barrel up and drop it inside a lake, providing a floating platform to cross over the water. The letter "N" and some bananas are above the lake, just before a floating Wooden Barrel. Ellie must jump towards it to collect the letter.
  • G: At the final section of the stage, Ellie will find a red Buzz and a green Buzz together. After using a Wooden Barrel to defeat the green Buzz and be able to progress, the elephant will find the letter "G" and a Krimp. The letter "G" will be above the enemy. She must jump to collect the letter.

Animal Buddies

  • Ellie the Elephant can be transformed into at the beginning of the stage with an Animal Barrel.


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Special Barrels

  • DK Barrels
    • Right after the start, left of the first red Buzz in the stage.
    • After passing the Star Barrel, Ellie must jump into another lake. Slightly above the water is a DK Barrel, which can be reached by jumping.
    • The third DK Barrel is hovering above the path after a few more barrel-hopping sections.
  • Animal Barrel for Ellie the Elephant: At the beginning of the stage, it can be jumped into, and it is right in front of the Kongs.
  • Warp Barrel: It is to the top right of the first Booty Bird, before the Animal Barrel.

Bonus Areas

  • Find the Coin!: After the letter "O", Ellie must have some water in her trunk. Once she is blasted to another platform by an Autofire Barrel, Ellie must turn around and spray a Booty Bird to the left of the platform she is standing on by spraying the water diagonally. The defeated Booty Bird will drop a TNT Barrel on a red Buzz, clearing the entrance to the Bonus Barrel to the bottom left of Ellie. She can then simply jump in. In the Bonus Room, Ellie must cross a lake with the help of infinitely respawning Wooden Barrels within twenty-five seconds. However, only two barrels can be used per time. Falling into the water is very dangerous, as a Nibbla lurks below the surface. If the player fails in clearing the Bonus Room, Ellie will appear outside the room without water. By regular means, it is not possible to access the Bonus Barrel again without defeating the Booty Bird, forcing the player to restart the section of the stage or jump towards the barrel and receive damage from the red Buzz in the process. However, the player can alternatively make a risky jump into the water below, and attempt to jump into the Bonus Barrel from below.
  • Collect 10 Stars!: After the letter "N" of the stage, the player will eventually reach a lake without Nibblas and a Bonus Barrel at the bottom of it. However, it must be ignored for now, and the player needs to advance until one finds two red Knik-Knaks running towards left. One must not harm them. The two enemies will keep running and they will start to fly. The player must bounce on the two Knik-Knaks in the air and fall inside the previous lake with the Bonus Barrel at the center of it. The extra height will allow Ellie to sink down and reach the barrel. Inside the Bonus Room, the player must just use three floating Steel Kegs to traverse a lake and collect ten stars within the time limit of fifteen seconds, while avoiding to fall into the water where there is a Nibbla. After collecting the stars, the Bonus Coin will appear at the right edge of the room.


  • In SNES version of Donkey Kong Country 3, there are multiple Nibblas swimming on the water sections of the stage. However, in the GBA game version, a few Nibblas are found here, with some of them being capable of following the heroes moving on the ground and even swimming through solid barriers, unlike the SNES version.