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The Bomb-omb Barrel is a type of Barrel only found in Mario Superstar Baseball, in the minigame Barrel Batter.


The Bomb-omb Barrel is used to destroy all the tiles of Barrels in Barrel Batter, which can link up to a maximum of 860 points, and give the player 3 baseballs. It can only be spawned if the player hits a certain amount of Barrels, which link up in the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue). It will also flash for as long as the gauge for the ball is full, and if the player misses, they will have to refill the gauge, but the Barrel that the insignia of the Bomb-omb will be gone, not allowing it to explode.


The Bomb-omb Barrel appears to bear a Bomb-omb, which flashes when the gauge for the bat is full. It is red and appears like the average Bomb-omb.